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    Burnage Manchester Band

    Hi Derek. Yes I played same time as Gary. Don't remember too much but he had a mop of curly blond hair
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    2018 Area test pieces

    Having just seen the score to Ex Terra Lucem I'm a bit disappointed to see the amount of percussion we're expected to have - not to mention the 3 percussionists required. Nothing against the piece but perhaps the people who pick the music could give a thought to the bottom bit of the score.
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    2018 Area test pieces

    True, however, they do ask permission from the band concerned - or they used to.
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    Bass player required for Whit Friday Eb or Bb

    Hazel Grove could do with a bass player for Whit Friday. Very friendly 1st/2nd section band PM me if you're interested Thanks Nigel
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    Brass In Concert Draw

    That's not actually correct
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    Cory changes

    Here we go again! Why do people on here always want to think there is something sinister in banding. Bbmad or whatever, you always fit into this category. Last time it was with Allan Withington now owen. Btw just had a conversation with Owen.... did you?
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    Welcome to the Real World Al!

    Having just read this thread I can't believe some of you make these sweeping statements about people and situations that you know little about. You seem to enjoy vilifying people when you are not in possession of all the facts. Allan is a pro conductor and a very successful one to boot. He is...
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    Conducting Style

    Ha ha . Really? ;)
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    Conducting Style

    :) It would be fairly easy to name a number over the years from within the top echelons ;)
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    Moving up the sections with one band

    Marple did it in the late 70s 80s with Garry Cutt and went on to win the Open
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    Early Draw - Urban Myth or Fact?

    One additional problem with a very early draw is how you feel in the morning. How "awake" are you and your lips? What time did you get to bed the night before? etc etc If drawn later you have time to come round (if needed) and to loosen up. Having won a few titles none of them came from an...
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    Hazel Grove Band - NW 1st section from Jan 15 require 2 cornet players

    Hazel Grove Band require 2 cornet players to complete their line up in preparation for their promotion to the 1st section. We are looking for keen musicians to join our friendly band. Rehearsals take place on Thursdays from 7.45 to 9.45 at the Civic Hall in Hazel Grove. If anyone is interested...
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    Why are they pitched Bb or in Eb?

    they are in Bb and Eb so we can play with saxophones;)
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    1 step forward 2 steps back...

    or a bass
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    Waltzing Matilda

    Gordon Langford did an arrangement too (which is pretty good). It's not that one though
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    Purcell Variations

    If we have to pay that much money then why cant they print a score with the known errors already corrected?
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    NW Area Disqualification!!

    Just a thought but.... If the Scottish and Welsh can run their own registration system then perhaps it should be ok for all the regions to do the same. If some don't like the registration system then so be it, if others do then let them use which ever version they want to (having consulted...
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    "Grimethorpe Colliery Band in danger of folding" ?

    Why are so many people anti the top bands? If there's so little support from within then what chance have we got? Surely a good number of banders would jump at the chance to play for a band like Grimethorpe if they were able. Yes, players receive cash in some cases and some bands get great...
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    Hazel Grove 2nd section from Jan need a principal cornet player and a percussionist

    Hazel Grove are a friendly south Manchester band. We have made steady progress over the last few years and are now looking for a principal cornet and a percussionist. We are not just looking for established players. If you think you have the ability we are more than happy to welcome you Any...
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    Principal cornet required at Hazel Grove. 2nd section from March

    Hazel Grove are looking to recruit a principal cornet player to help take us to the next level. We are based in south Manchester and will be in the second section from March so need an enthusiastic, motivated individual to lead us in the new campaign and beyond. We are an extremely friendly...