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  1. alks

    The Pitman (greenwood)

    Hi Looking for information on the march 'The pitman' (greenwood) for a guy in my band who used to play in wigan boys band about 50-60 years ago. Have found an old audio recording on you tube (old vinyl) but cant find any copies available or reference to it anywhere else. Anyone have any...
  2. alks

    west of England regional dates 2013? Mistake?

    I noticed that the dates have been set for 2013 - has there been a mistake?. The bands are supposed to rotate every year so that you get to play on a Sunday every 4 years. Next year the 4th section is supposed to be on a Sunday and get to play in the main hall instead of the poor sports hall...
  3. alks

    Sold/Expired Yamaha YBL612 Bass Trombone For sale.

    Marshfield band are selling some instruments as well as a few others - some will probably end up on ebay. Yamaha Bb/f Double trigger bass trombone. Model YBL612. This is in reasonable condition for its age - some lacquer wear in places. The main body is good, slide good. The bell has more...
  4. alks

    Sold/Expired Band jackets For Sale

    We (Marshfield Band) have some Blue band jackets which are no longer needed. There are about 25 Jackets in various sizes children to adult. Some of them have our band logo stitched on but these can be removed. Any offers considered, please pm me if you are interested. Here is a picture...
  5. alks

    Skins (brass band on it)

    Last year a sound team from channel 4 recorded our band (marshfield) playing a march for the new series of skins to be broadcast this year (2010). Apprently the episode we are featured in is on this thursday on E4 at 10.00pm Ive no idea what context the music will be used or for what reason...
  6. alks

    LSO Masterclass

    This might be interesting viewing for all brass players, Maurice Murphy talks about trumpet playing on you tube. The link is here, alks
  7. alks

    Movie selection? Is there any?

    Ive been looking for a Movie selection type piece for a while that is suitable for lower section bands. Ie, star wars, superman, ET, etc all in a selection format. But there doesnt seam to be any!! Ive found 'john williams epic themes' but thats too hard for lower section bands. Ive found...
  8. alks

    Marshfield Band, WOE, Vacancies

    Marshfield band in South gloucestershire / Wiltshire.(4th section) We are currently looking for Tutti solo cornet players. We have a busy and varied summer concert season (see website) so please get in touch if you are interested. Please see our website for more information...
  9. alks


    What is it with trumpet players and high notes? Poking around on you tube and there are loads of people literlly blowing to silly it a macho thing or just plain daft? Is there a point to it? or in fact use for playing this high? Can it damage your head...
  10. alks

    Band Bashing?

    Every now and then theres a thread on a forum that really needs to put to right, like this one about brass bands on a american trumpet forum.... ???? What do ya recon???? alks
  11. alks

    Test Drive Charge?

    A well known bristol brass retailer is now charging £10 to test out any instrument in the shop. That means if you fancied trying out 3-4 cornets before you invested your hard earned cash you would have to pay £40 just for a few minutes on each. This is what happened yesterday to a friend who...
  12. alks

    Xmas Madness

    Just reading an article on 4br about some xmas malarky... Seams like crazyness to me.....why do the governemnt and local councilors insist on making life more miserable for people when we actually alect them to make life better?? alks
  13. alks

    Interesting differences.....

    While spending many hours surfing the Internet about brass banding in the rest of the world you cannot help to notice the enthusiasm towards the medium, tending towards the positive side, while in the uk we are far more negative. Many posts on here at times can be very 'doom and gloom' in...
  14. alks

    No musicality?

    Just Surfing around the net and noticed a post on an american forum about brass bands....... it read..... " Never heard any Band that could trash a symphony orchestra in musicality and musicianship... And I've heard a lotl! But the lack of musicality and musicianship in british brass...
  15. alks

    Your Views on this?

    I dont only play Cornet! I also play guitar.....and over the years have enjoyed playing my favourite songs learning from ear or from guitar tabulature (tab). Guitar tab has been available over the internet for years helping you to learn your favourite songs wriiten by individulas who 'submit'...
  16. alks

    Test it for me? plz. (Out with old in with new pt 3)

    Ok, probably for the last time! Ive spent the last week converting my bands website to full css layout. Now there are many bugs and quirks using css, differnt browsers and operating systems can cause crazy things to happen. So if you would ? c if it looks ok on your pc/browser?. Ive only...
  17. alks

    "Finished twinkling silver cornet with box" ?

    I thought i'd do a random post............. Whenever i (& probably you) go randomly lookin for brass instruments on ebay or i just select the cornet only option ..over the last year or so junk from china practically fills up the entire page! But the best bit is the BIZZARE explanations on...
  18. alks

    Band Music Purchases

    The band i play for is looking at doing a BIG music purchse to boost the library a bit (badly needed). So i thought i would get the ball rolling by printing of some catalogues/lists from the net. But to my amazement , nobody seams to offer a printer friendly or pdf version of their catalogues ...
  19. alks

    Out with the old in with the new or not? part 2

    A year ago asked the same question, but ive never really been totally happy with our bands website. So ive spent this week redoing it again. But im still not sure if ive got it right. So here is the proposed 'new' site and a link to the current one to compare them. Im totally knackered as ive...
  20. alks

    ZENO cornet?

    Ive heard that yamaha are due to release a new pro cornet? ive read somewhere (on another forum) that it is due later this year and will be called the zeno cornet (like the trumpet) and that it will have david king signature mouthpieces? . Is this true and will therefore the maestro be...