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    In Switzerland (Eric Ball)

    I am trying to get hold of a recording of In Switzerland by Eric Ball Mostly for my father who is in his 90's as it was one of my first test pieces sat next to him in the very early 1970's. Also if I can get a recording I would like to feature it on my radio programme. I know that Oakmead School...
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    New Soprano Cornet Solo

    Available from 1st July 2019 All By Myself the 1975 hit for Eric Carmen arranged for Soprano Cornet and Brass Band. Commissioned by Amanda Gardner the Soprano Cornet player with the Lanner & District Silver Band this solo has been a huge hit with audiences. You can listen to a recording of the...
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    Piano Accompaniments

    Does anyone know of where I may be able to get hold of piano accompaniments for La Belle Americaine (Hartmann) or In Dixieland (Rimmer) written for Eb Instruments instead of Bb. Thanks.
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    J W Chadwick

    Can anyone help? I am trying to research J W Chadwick who I believe (but may be way off base) started his playing career in the North of England (Wingates or Besses?) and then moved to Illinois and became a very successful Band Leader in America with the Carco Band (sponsored by the Mt. Vernon...
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    *New Release* (28/09/2018) E Da Sa Qaqa

    **NEW RELEASE** E Da Sa Qaqa (We Have Overcome). This beautiful Fijian Gospel song arranged in a reggae style for Brass Band. To listen to it or order your set go to:
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    Eb Tenor Horn Solo - An Huni a Garav

    Tenor Horn Solo dedicated to the composer's partner Barbara "An Huni a Garav" is Cornish Language for "The one that I Love." This beautiful melody will fit well into any concert programme. Horn legend Gordon Higginbottom said "Lovely piece...a nice change to have a good melody not ruined by...
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    Old Royal Albert Hall Finals Recordings

    Didn't know where else to put this one so here it is. Does anyone know if you can get hold of old performance recordings from the finals at the Albert Hall. I played Harmony Music there in 1987 and would really like to try to get hold of a recording of the performance. Were performances recorded...
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    Pendennis Brass (Falmouth)

    We would like to invite applications for the position of percussionist to complete our percussion team for the Area Contest. Please apply in the strictest confidence to the Musical Director Kevin Ackford on: 07866 510 297
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    Pendennis Brass (Falmouth)

    We are currently looking for Solo Cornet, Flugel and Euphonium players. Expressions of interest are to be made in the strictest of confidence to the Musical Director Kevin Ackford ( or 07866 510 297). Alternatively send a private message through our Facebook page...
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    St. Minver Silver Band Vacancies

    We are a friendly non-contesting village band and through our M.D. (Composer/Arranger Kevin Ackford) have a fresh outlook on music and entertainment. We are currently looking for: Soprano Cornet, 2 x Front Row, 2nd/3rd Cornets, 1st/2nd Horns, Trombones and Percussion. Please drop us a line if...
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    Sold/Expired New Brass Band Radio Programme

    From the 28th January I will be producing and presenting a new Brass Band programme entitled “Brass In The Bay.” The programme will be broadcast every Monday at 9pm on the new local radio station Radio St Austell Bay on 105.6FM. Although the station will only be broadcast to the St Austell...
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    Cornwall Championship Section

    The Lanner & District Silver Band are currently looking to fill positions in the following sections: Cornet (front and back row), Horn and Eb Bass. Anyone interested in any of the above positions can email me Kevin Ackford (M.D.) in strictest confidence on Come...
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    St Austell Youth Band

    St Austell Youth Band are looking to fill the following positions for up and coming Contests and Concerts: Euphonium, Bass Trombone and Basses. (Any other players welcome). If you would like to be a part of this well established Youth Band's exciting new era, please drop me a line. Rehearsals...
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    ChiMae for Band

    Does anyone know if an arrangement of Ennio Morricone's ChiMai exists for Band (The band version may be spelt as Chi Mae). The music was the theme tune for the 1980's TV series "The Life and Times of David Lloyd George." Any help on who may have arranged it or published it would be...
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    Tracing the owner of a cornet

    In around 1960 my father bought an old cornet which came in a black wooden case. There is no make or model marks on it at all, but it is beautifully engraved on the bell with a floral design and the wording J Watts Rotherham inscribed on it. For years I have wanted to find out who J Watts is...
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    Tiger Rag (Siebert arrangement)

    I wonder if someone could help me out on this one. I am trying to find Siebert's arrangement of Tiger Rag. Does anyone know if it is still available, and if so who publishes it? Thanks.
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    Players required due to University/Work commitments

    Denton Brass have vacancies arising for the following positions: Solo Cornets (x2), Solo Trombone, Euphonium and Basses. If you would like to join this up and coming band please drop me a line at: or send me a pm. All players are welcome so why not come along and have...
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    Tuning machine or not?

    An adjudicator at a recent contest commented on electronic tuning machines and suggested that they should be thrown away. This sparked off quite a discussion between players and conductors. I usually tune a band by ear but leading up to a contest I do use an electronic tuner to make sure that...
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    Can any Eb Bass players help me out for a contest on 28th March. The contest is Tameside and the band is Denton. My only Eb Bass player has to work away so I am really stuck and this is going to be the band's first contest. If anyone can help me out please contact me. Thanks.
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    Thanks for all the emails etc. regarding the new Sounds Of Brass signature tune. I would just like to say that for those of you who have not heard it and would like to, I have been told that it is on John's GMR Brass programme on Sunday !st Feb. The score and parts will be available from Prima...