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    LCFB launch new CD - ABUNDANCE at Hendon SA - Saturday 13th September

    The London Central Fellowship Band of The Salvation Army are delighted to announce a special concert to celebrate the launch of our new CD and to wish the band 'bon-voyage' before its visit to Sweden. The band will feature music by Willcocks, Mackereth, Ball, Downie, Turrin, Venables, Harper...
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    David Daws [euphonium] & Phillip McCann [cornet] in Concert, Hendon SA 14th September

    The London Central Fellowship Band of The Salvation Army presents a concert entitled PAEAN a fervent expression of Joy. This concert is one of significance as it acknowledges the excellent contribution that Bandmaster David Daws has made to the band and introduces the new leader of the band...
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    North York Temple Band of The Salvation Army in Peterborough 13 May 2013

    We are delighted to be hosting the wonderful North York Temple Band at Peterborough Citadel on Monday 13th May. The concert starts at 7.45 and tickets are £8 each. Please contact me at for a ticket application form...
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    Carnaval by Wynton Marsalis

    Fortunate not just to have a copy but a copy signed by the great man
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    Ronald Harrison and an ISB question

    Just wanted to say that WoB have definitely not shelved the idea of producing a CD [or series of] from highlights of the SA's great Royal Albert Hall occasions. We now have all of the master tapes, however, it is a rather laborious job to ensure indexing and cataloguing of all information is...
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    Clarence Adoo Brass Band to give their 5th concert

    Here's a bit of info selected from Clarence's website 'In August 1995, he was driving from Newcastle to Shoeburyness (Essex) to be at his brother's stag party. For some unknown reason, his car went out of control and turned over. He broke his neck and became paralysed from the neck down...
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    Clarence Adoo Brass Band to give their 5th concert

    The Salvation Army Church & Community Centre Peterborough Citadel Proudly Presents THE CLARENCE ADOO BRASS BAND [Conductor Howard J Evans] PETERBOROUGH CITADEL SONGSTERS [Leader Julian Bright] SPECIAL GUEST – CLARENCE ADOO In aid of the Clarence Adoo Trust Clarence’s...
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    12 May 2008 Just 5 days to go and the event is officially sold out. Contact The Sage, Gateshead for any possible return tickets on 0191 443 4661. Julian Bright
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    Sold/Expired Smith-Watkins Cornet For Sale

    Had any interest yet? How far from Cambridge. I might be interested. You can send me a private message if you think more suitable. Thanks
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    Triumph of Peace - Eric Ball

    This ISB version referred to by GJG is also available on a re issued CD called The Bernard Adams collection.
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    Yamaha xeno mouthpieces

    I got one from Trevada Music. Good Luck Jules Cornet
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    David King Leaves YBS

    Of course, this story attracts huge attention and interest and of course great speculation. Over the last decade, everything that YBS has done has attracted immense interest created by their charasmatic conductor and a superb band, with what they chose to portray, as a 'dream team' of...
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    Brass Band Of Central Florida - In Peterborough

    My 'spies' tell me Brass Band of Central Florida were absolutely amazing last night in their concert at London's Regent Hall. Come and hear them for yourself in Peterborough on Friday night at 8pm. See You there!
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    Brass Band Of Central Florida - In Peterborough

    Brass Band of Central Florida have this weekend just been crowned as US OPEN CHAMPIONS!!! Don't miss this oppoprtunity to come and hear this great band in concert. Get your tickets quick!
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    Brass Band Of Central Florida - In Peterborough

    Peterborough Citadel Songsters are now delighted to announce the following event, welcoming one of the world's finest brass bands to Peterborough. Don't just take my word for it........ "...wonderful show that would have done any of the world's top bands proud...this was band playing...
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    Disappointment - MSB in Canada

    Have there been a lot of personnel changes within the CSB? Jules
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    Disappointment - MSB in Canada

    So guys, Did you go to this concert? What was the crowd like in the end? Tell me about the revamped CSB. Abundant Blessings Jules Cornet
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    Don Lusher

    Have just heard that Don Lusher has died this afternoon at the age of 82. Don started his playing career in the Peterborough Citadel Salvation Army Band and on behalf of that band we send our very sincere condolences to his wife Diane. A glittering career, an extraordinary trombone player...
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    Hi, I'm Leanne

    Pretty good bacon sandwiches too.
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    Hi, I'm Leanne

    Hi Leanne, Another SA boy from Peterborough. A regular visitor to your home town too. In fact can't keep me away from The Harbour Bar. Tell Nigel I was on. Have a good day. Jules Cornet