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    Best Modern Cornet Solo

    Joyous Song - Richard Phillips (From SA repertoire)
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    Brass band members targeted with 'abusive' tweets

    Slander is civic - that is what the tweeter is guilty of, but they have accused someone of a serious criminal offence!
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    Brass band members targeted with 'abusive' tweets

    So what would you call making an allegation of paedophilia (to an innocent person)?
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    Brass band members targeted with 'abusive' tweets

    Much worse than allegations of serious criminal misconduct? Its enough to make any parent think twice about allowing kids to join the brass band scene if that is the case......:-?
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    Kiveton Park Brass Festival Sunday 18/07/2010

    Really!! your profile says born in 1995 : age 15, could not care less if you were drinking underage or not, just wondered which age was right?
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    POLL: "Cheating" at contests

    How ironic!! A poll to get views on the flaws of adjudication and contesting, that is flawed itself!!! ;)
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    problem with sovereign cornet?

    I used to have a sovereign cornet and found that water used to collect in the bend beyond the tuning slide but before it entered the valve block, used to find that by keeping the tuning slide well lubricated and marking it with a pencil, i could remove the slide, tip the water out and replace...
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    What Brass Band piece is on God's iPhone

    Celestial Prospect!!! (Wilfred Heaton) Although the bigger question is whether he has iTunes loaded on a Mac or Windows ;)
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    £1m for a brass band

    The only problem with that is you will now upset the copyright brigade ;)
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    Interesting news out of Markneukirchen ...

    and here
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    Football Music

    Maybe a few aCapello arrangements ;)
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    Band article, The Times, 26th February

    Common sense would be substantiating your 'facts' by checking the accounts of the top bands (not necessary to name names and bands to do this), some of which appear on the charity commissions web-site and are freely available. You may well be right, although having just done the above I think...
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    Band article, The Times, 26th February

    This thread sums up why the brass band movement is in decline, a decent article in a quality national newspaper about a band with a great heritage, and all everyone seems to want to do is find fault with elements of the article. What happened to congratulations for raising the profile of...
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    Anyone rehearse Wednesdays in London?

    The ISB rehearse on a wednesday evening at the SA headquarters at the Elephant & Castle, think rehearsals start around 6pm and visitors are normally welcome!
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    Solo-Cornet Part / Under Two Flags

    It's also worth noting, that in the grace notes before the last section there is a discrepancy between the solo cornet part and the conductors score, this was discovered whilst it was been recorded...we were reliably informed that the score was right! If you don't adjust it, it will always...
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    Sparx Mouthpieces

    I am guessing if Customs were going to show an interest, they would have done so in 2004 when the order was placed and that post was written ;) Not sure if there are any UK distributors of these now, best bet is to know someone who is going to toronto that could bring one back for you!
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    Brass4Brass concert

    Gary Fountain - Sop (ISB & Kettering SA) Kirsty Abbotts - Principal (Carlton Main Frickley) Tom Hutchinson - (Black Dyke) Matthew Knowles - (Harlequin Brass) Simon Rowney - (Household Troops & Sheffield SA) Ben Rapp - Rep Cornet Adrian Wileman - 2nd cornet (Sheffield SA) Roland Spencer - 3rd...
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    Best Tuba Player?

    Another one for the future Ben Dixon at Carlton Main (got favourable mention in the 4BR Retrospective of the Open)
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    SA Gospel Arts Concert 2005

    Have to say that i thought the standard of the performers at this years concert was (for me)the best for some time. The variety of music played/sung was also well thought out, and provided a good variety of musical styles, to keep the audience interested/entertained. I really enjoyed the...
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    SA Gospel Arts Concert 2005

    I will be going Line up of participants includes: International Staff Band International Staff Songsters Amsterdam Staff Band Vasa Gospel choir (Sweden) Guest Soloist - a certain Mr David Daws should be a good night of SA Music at its best Chippy Cornet aka - Simon Rowney - Sheffield...