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  1. boagy

    New Arrrangements for your Pads

    Hi everyone, as we all return to some sort of 'normality' and rehearsals start happening again why not have some new music in your pads. I have recently arranged some new titles that I hope you will enjoy playing. This is the link to 'The Queens Gambit' the theme tune to the Netflix hit show...
  2. boagy

    New Quartet music

    Hi everyone, With things being to make a slow return to 'normal' and Bands beginning to return with small ensemble rehearsals I'd like to share with you a selection of Quartet arrangements and compositions that I have recently edited. Each set comes with a score and parts including...
  3. boagy

    Autumn Dreams for Tuba & Piano

    Hi everyone I hope you are all safe and well at this difficult time. Whilst you may not have Band to go to for a while, I'm guessing lots of you will be doing personal practice instead. This is one for all you EEb Bass players out there. A new lyrical piece with Piano accompaniment that I'm...
  4. boagy

    *NEW ARRANGEMENT* of 'No Time To Die'

    Yes, they don't allow the 'Copyrighted Songs' to be arranged for Wind/Concert Bands, Marching Bands (the US type), Orchestra etc they have list BUT Brass Bands and Brass Ensembles are fine.
  5. boagy

    *NEW ARRANGEMENT* of 'No Time To Die'

    Yes is can be a bit of a nightmare and very expensive to acquire the licences. Luckily with Sheet Music Plus (SMP) they have a list of over 1.2 million songs on their 'Copyright Songs' list and since they are part of the Hal Leonard organisation, are very legit. Hope that helps you Dave...
  6. boagy

    *NEW ARRANGEMENT* of 'No Time To Die'

    *NEW ARRANGEMENT* I am delighted to share with you my latest arrangement for Brass Band of ‘No Time To Die’ as sung by the brilliant Billie Eilish and is the theme song for the latest James Bond film of the same name. Thank you for your time and I hope you enjoy playing this...
  7. boagy


    "Fireball" is a song by American rapper Pitbull, featuring American singer John Ryan, was released on July 23, 2014 as the second release from Pitbull's eighth studio album, Globalization (2014). The song has featured in the trailer and TV spots of Aardman Animations' Shaun the Sheep Movie...
  8. boagy


    Hi Everyone I am pleased to share with you an arrangement of 'National Express' by The Divine Comedy which was requested by a Band late last year and is now available to purchase from my SMP page on the following link...
  9. boagy

    New Christmas music

    Looking for something new for your Christmas concert? I would like to share with you my original composition ‘The First Snow of Christmas’ for Brass Bad. A gentle piece in 3/4 it opens with the melody on Flugel with an intimate accompaniment before expanding to full band before returning to the...
  10. boagy

    New Arrangements for Band

    Glad you enjoyed playing them.
  11. boagy

    New Arrangements for Band

    The musical genre of Metal/Heavy Rock is currently enjoying a rise in popularity, with sales and streams increasing. Following on from my Band arrangement of Ozzy Osbourne’s Crazy Train, I would like to make you aware of two new arrangements that I have recently completed of two Metal classics...
  12. boagy

    Music including bugles

    100% correct 'Mechanised Infantry' is the regimental march of The Rifles and IS available in a brass band arrangement available from Studio Music if memory serves.... Bugle parts in Bb for this although as already mentioned in other posts you can get Bugle parts in G although those seem to be...
  13. boagy

    Area 2011

    I hear it's an all PDQ Bach list of pieces for the Area's next year....... :tongue: :metal:
  14. boagy

    Bodmin Town Band vacancies

    Cornets needed Following our very successful 'Open Rehearsal' on 13th July we would like to invite Cornet players to join the band. We have a nice shiny York cornet waiting for the right player, a fantastic music library, 2nd Section banding (with the desire to return to the higher echelons of...
  15. boagy

    Bodmin Town Band "Open Rehearsal"

    Date change The 'Open Rehearsal' will now take place on: 13th July in The Public Rooms, Bodmin. and the October concert is now booked for: 16th October in The Public Rooms, Bodmin. We hope to see you all soon. cheers Graham
  16. boagy

    Bodmin Town Band "Open Rehearsal"

    Following the arson attack at our Bandroom in December last year, Bodmin Town Band are having an open rehearsal on Tuesday 29th June in The Public Rooms, Bodmin from 7:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. We have a full set of York instruments (available to members), a replenished library, we have secured...
  17. boagy

    Is it too much to ask for? 'New Music'??

    Nail.... Head.... re: copyright!! especially if you are not a 'Name' arranger (a publisher will often not want to bother with your arrangement and the red tape in tying to get the said permission often out ways the potential return on sales). Perhaps it is up to MD's to actively look for 'New'...
  18. boagy

    "Cheating" at contests

    I can see your point of few but with most bands outside the Top Section (and even then) if you have a 2nd Cornet player who chooses to sit in that seat but is more than capable of playing anything 'higher' in the section, then if you run into a problem with your nominated Solo Cornet player then...
  19. boagy

    "Cheating" at contests

    You just contradicted what your opening statement was about!! It happens!! MD's/Resident Conductors/Director of Music, what ever the title need to adapt to the numbers/standard and quality of player they have to gain the desired effect. This includes sticking a 'duster' over the bell etc
  20. boagy

    Brass Off - has it run its course?

    :clap: nice one Humphrey. 100% spot on!!!! :p pmsl :biggrin: