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  1. Euphman2

    Sold/Expired Bert Sullivan mouthpiece

    I mentioned on a forum that I have a Bert Sullivan small bore mouthpiece with a conversion attachment to fit into a larger bore euphonium. Anyone know of its worth or even usefulness as I have had offers to buy it but don't know it's value. I last played euphonium on it in the mid 70s. ItsI...
  2. Euphman2

    Help Mr Moderator

    Cancel please, problem sorted
  3. Euphman2

    Okay Deps thought start may I as well

    Got your attention? As Whit Friday is approaching, I thought I may as well start a "deps" request forum.
  4. Euphman2

    Is this the "oldest" band in the country?

    After a recent article in the brass band press, The Westwood over 50s Band from Oldham decided to total up both playing ages of the players and their total number of years since they started playing to see what the figures were. The figures were supplied by the players and conductor plus "Super...
  5. Euphman2

    Euph player looking for a band

    Have played at all levels but looking for a friendly band rehearsing Monday/Tuesday/ Thursday in North Manchester area
  6. Euphman2

    Dep euph / trom

    0Experienced Euph player (been playing nearly 50 years who is also a passable 2nd / 3rd section trom player. Live North Manchester / Saddleworth area. Unless I'm asked to travel miles, my fee is usually a pint of lager after the gig
  7. Euphman2

    Euph on the loose

    Euph player looking to play in a happy band, North Manchester area ish. I have played at all levels for almost 50 years.
  8. Euphman2

    Euph on the loose

    Euph player looking for band in Manchester area. Have played at all levels but just want to play in happy atmosphere