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    NEW RAF CD preview

    Latest programme from BANDSTAND Sunday 19 Sept at 1pm, repeated Friday 24 Sept at 10pm Playlist Music, interviews and report from BELMONT BRASS SUMMER SCHOOL Including an interview with Reg Vardy’s NEW SIGNING HAYLEY O’CONNELLEY, Young trombonist of the year Report, music and interview...
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    Radio: latest playlist

    Latest news from BANDSTAND Friday 3 SEPTEMBER 2010 at 10pm A documentary on the Durham Miners’ Gala Sunday 5 Sept at 1pm, repeated Friday 10 Sept at 10pm Playlist Somewhere Over the Rainbow - Salvation Army Int. Staff Band Stanhope 1998 - Stanhope Silver Band Scarborough Fair -...
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    Big Meeting on radio - were you there?

    A chance to hear all about THE BIG MEETING - The Durham Miners’ Gala Michael and Val Fryer present a documentary about the Durham Miners’ Gala, held each year in Durham City. Hear from the organisers, the political speakers, the bands and musicians. This year approximately fifty bands...
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    NYO on BBC2 Proms - full

    The range of music at the Proms is widening each year. Brass bands should be involved and don't have to imitate symphony orchestras. Who would have thought that a Prom could be presented containing only music from MGM films. This happened last year and is going on national tour this Winter...
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    BBC Radio 2 Aled Jones - Brassed Off

    Brass on Radio Alan Titchmarsh usually includes a brass piece in his BBC Radio 2 programme - 7pm Sunday. CDs We would appreciate copies of CDs from Bands, as we try to include as many different bands as possible in our Bandstand programme. Please send to:- M. Fryer, Bandstand, Bowes, Co...
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    Sheona White makes national news headlines

    Sheona not the first lady to play in a contest for Grimethorpe You can listen to Terry Webster from Grimethorpe talking about female players on our radio programme at 10pm tonight. This is a repeat of last Sunday's Yorkshire Day Special - playing only bands from Yorkshire. Terry reveals that...
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    Dr Martin Bequest Brass Band Competition

    Different date? Would the first Saturday in July be a better date? It could be a big opener to the Durham Brass Festival then.
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    Dr Martin Bequest Brass Band Competition

    Holidays Seven bands originally entered - three dropped out for various reasons, including holidays. It was a very good day enjoyed by a sizeable audience. Outside the Gala Theatre, Durham County Brass Band Association ran a Festival of Youth Bands. Players ranged from primary school to...
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    Put out to brass (The Sun, Friday 16th July 2010)

    Brass is not dead in County Durham If the Sun reporter had been in County Durham duing the last two weeks he would have written a different story. From sell-out concerts by youth bands to 48 bands parading at the Miners' Gala to brass workshops in schools by world famous artists and concerts of...
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    Durham Miners' Gala for London?

    I interviewed Ken after his speech and he was very keen on the idea. Expenses would fall on the Mayor of London's fund . . . . . . . it would appear! I hope to have the interview on our radio show shortly. We have some interesting interviews from the Durham Brass festival on the show tonight -...
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    Durham Miners' Gala for London?

    DURHAM MINERS’ GALA FOR LONDON IF KEN LIVINGSTONE WINS NEXT TIME Ken Livingstone gave the keynote speech at last Saturday’s Durham Miners’ Gala and was very impressed with the event. He said that if he won the next London Mayoral election he would bring the Gala procession to London and have...
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    Brass at the 2012 Olympics

    ??? What about Betty Lupton's Ladle Laikers, a women's morris team from Harrogate?
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    Grimethorpe at The Sage and Bridgewater Hall

    A JOYOUS NIGHT AT THE SAGE - DON'T MISS MANCHESTER (Sunday 29 March) The concert by Grimethorpe and the Story of Maria von Trapp at the Sage was an absolute pleasure. The band played magnificently (as usual) and the young singers from Hemsworth College sang their hearts out to the great joy...
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    Grimethorpe at The Sage and Bridgewater Hall

    Looking forward to seeing the show at the Sage. We've already been promoting the show on Radio Teesdale - a three minute promo went out again on Drivetime at 5pm tonight. Let's hope for a full house. Hope to see you there, Cheers, Michael
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    blackpool entertainment youth contest

    Bare Trees Community (John Collins) Elland Silver Youth (Samantha Harrison) Enderby Youth (Trevor Hounsome) Houghton Area Youth (Brian Adams) Macclesfield Youth Brass (Louise Renshaw) Oldham Music Centre Youth (Jonathan Leedale) Poynton Youth Brass (Andy Hirst) Rochdale Borough Youth (Eric...
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    Brass In Concert 2008

    Celebration of cory's win After this year's triumphant progress, CORY will be featured on BANDSTAND at 8pm tonight (repeated on Tuesday at 10pm). You can listen to an hour of Cory at
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    Brass In Concert 2008

    Scandinavian blondes?
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    Brass In Concert 2008

    Quote from Val's review "Beautiful solo".
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    Brass In Concert 2008

    We were surprised at this score. Perhaps the aspect of male domination over beautiful female automata appealed to the male adjudicators. The co-ordination was excellent, but is it entertainment? Just a thought - is the action of a male MD rearranging the hair of a young female player...
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    Brass In Concert 2008

    HELP! I'm in the dog house! Did anyone find a brooch at the Sage yesterday? I lost Val's circular metal brooch with a Saxon design (about 3in. diameter). Sentimental value - so I'm in the dog house!!! Cheers