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    Missing link quiz answers etc.

    Yippee! I got it right! f - Bargain basement - :roll: of course! q - radio! Doh! I was stuck on them! nik
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    Missing link quiz

    thank you Dave - what a nice bloke (does flattery get you bonus points????) :lol:
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    Missing link quiz

    Do we have to send in the answers aswell?!?!? I sent in the band (but I think im wrong!) but not the answers (I dont have them all anyway - having a thicko day!)
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    Tullis Russell Mills Band

    Can we kinda keep this to the topic please? I check it everyday and get excited, and lo and behold, theres no messages from cornet players wishing to sign! Just idle chit-chat, its not really relevant is it?? If there are principal cornet players out there looking to sign with TR then please...
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    Howdy doody! I have 2 tattoos, one on my lower back (how original :roll: ) which is a treble clef, and another on the top of my right thigh - a wee devil asleep on a cloud! I didnt find them sore, it was the anticipation of the needle that I found to be horrible! But once he'd started then...
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    Sold/Expired Christmas! Cheeky??

    I think not James! Do you want to live until hogmanay??? :hammer IMHO they look and sound terrible. A bit too skinny! Luv Nik xxx
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    Can any Scottish tmp'ers loan me a set of clash cymbals

    Hi Laura! When u comin up? If your popping into TR then i'll try to come to the rehersal to say hello! You want us to buy cymbals!??!?! Good golly - you know how hard it is for us even to buy a round of drinks! :lol: Buying new cymbals would really push the boat out! :P Nik xxx
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    Conductors can't read dynamics

    I dont actually think you cornet players know how to be quiet! :lol: Kinda annoying when I'm standing at the front of the band trying to tell them stuff and people are chattering amongst themselves (I really couldn't give a toss if its about the piece of music they are playing and giving each...
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    Conductors can't read dynamics

    Hi James! No - Cage 4'33 is NOT silence. The reason he did it was to prove that you can never have complete silence. He went into a soundproof room to do an experiment on silence, and he found that he still heard noises (his heartbeat, breathing etc) So he composed a piece of music which is...
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    For you romantics out there!

    Very good James - ive just informed Tom of your poetry genius. Maybe you cuold recite some for us on Thursady night, but wait, sadly I wont be at band so I will miss out. However, im sure Bruce, Tom and the rest of them would love it! Bring a bit of culture into TR! :) How about composing...
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    All the areas??

    :guiness Thats a bit bloody inconvienient is it not? Tell them to change it - then again, you could move back up here and sign with TR - then you'd never miss it! :D Only an idea ......... Niki
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    All the areas??

    And next year it might be Dundee! Woohoo - a little bit closer to home! :grnsm
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    Is Banding alive I believe it is I have Proof

    No! Heehee! Although you will have peace from me on Thursday cos i'm on a hen nite - hmmmm, which means you might be able to hear the delightful sounds of drunken ladies screaming like mad banshees when you leave then band hall! :guiness BUT I WILL SEE YOU ON FRIDAY AT THE QUIZ!!!! :hammer
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    Tuition Fees

    IMHO I think its ridiculous! I left uni 2 years ago in about £10k worth of debt, I had to take out loans to live off cos the Government believe that a student can live off a measly grant of £200 per term. PMSL. That covers not even one months rent (living in Edinburgh is a tad expensive). I was...
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    Is Banding alive I believe it is I have Proof

    AHA! So this is where you chaps are hanging out! :D James - I hope your thinking of buying loads of tickets for the quiz night on Friday (your more than welcome to Alec!) Luv Nik xxx