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  1. stewie76

    Desford role for Steward

    Steward's Desford role The Desford Colliery Band is delighted to announce to 4BR that Kevin Steward, a player who has a long association with the band has taken the role of Resident Conductor. The Desford Colliery Band are delighted to announce to 4BR that Kevin Steward as has taken the...
  2. stewie76

    the worst/best excuses to miss rehearsals

    Last night i had a text to say that due to Hurricane Francis, He will not be at rehearsal because the Airports are still shut in Florida! Anybody got any better ones than that?
  3. stewie76

    Leicestershire Band

    The Snibston & Desford Colliery Band are currently looking for players. Any interested parties can contact me by e-mail or via our website
  4. stewie76

    Midlands 2nd Section

    Can I start this subject by wishing ALL the bands competing in this section this weekend good luck on behalf of the Snibston & Desford Colliery Band. I think it's going to be a very tight contest.....and we have had the kiss of death from 4bars rest!!! Regards, Sid.
  5. stewie76

    The wrong test Pieces?

    Can anybody confirm (who dares!) or deny, that the 2nd and 3rd section test pieces picked for this years areas, were given to the wrong sections, but, because it was too late to change back to their original sections,i.e, because bands had already purchased their items, that it was left as it...
  6. stewie76

    Leamington Contest

    Hi, Can anyone give us the full results from last weekend's Contest at Leamington. Sid.
  7. stewie76

    Snibston & desford Colliery

    Due to a player relocation,we are looking for a Solo Horn player to join our friendly, but ambitious Band located in Coalville Leics. We are currently 2nd section, but our setting our sights much higher!! We rehearse on wednesdays, and are close to M1/M42/M69. We also have positions to fill...