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  1. Cantonian


    As a horn player, I would agree with trumpetmike. I have not played a York but some very good players who played York's went back to Sovereigns (or Prestige's). I have blown the Geneva and found it uncomfortable in all respects i.e. balance and sound. I played a band Prestige for a couple of...
  2. Cantonian

    Horn mouthpiece - moving on up

    I've been using a 1a since they were first produced. It took me a few weeks to get used to it but the benefits are a bigger sound and slight 'flattening' (about 5mm on the tuning slide). I was playing a Prestige and found it really comfortable but had my round stamp sovereign refurbished and it...
  3. Cantonian

    Quietest Practice Mute?

    I usually use the whole kit but sometimes just the mute
  4. Cantonian

    Quietest Practice Mute?

    The Yamaha silent brass SB59 for trombone/bass trombone is what I have for a sovereign tenor horn. It is excellent and as it says on the tin is silent. It is great for practicing your fortissimo playing without upsetting family and neighbours.
  5. Cantonian

    The perfect test piece

    Essence of Time
  6. Cantonian

    National Eisteddfod of Wales - Eisteddfod Genedlaethol 3rd/4th August 2013, Denbigh

    It's a shame that there are not more South Wales bands travelling.
  7. Cantonian

    Horn Solo suggestions (Urgent)

    Variations on a Welsh Theme. Which school of Music are you going to? I once helped with the Horn auditions at what was the national School of music at Cobham Hall. One guy came in and played the second horn part of the hymn tune Rimington.....and was awful. I agree with Stracathro though...
  8. Cantonian

    Spring Festival 2013

    Agree totally Alyn. Whilst Frank Renton was pontificating, I thought that Allan Ramsey was looking a little uncomfortable. On another point do we feel that adjudicators adjudicate the whole section? It is important in the Spring Festival that the top positions are judged carefully as...
  9. Cantonian

    Marsden-The Yorkshire Tea Band

    It's just a shame that the soprano falling off the last note could not have been edited out!
  10. Cantonian

    Cornet Lyre For Short-Sighted Player!

    Specsavers may be a better bet!!
  11. Cantonian

    "Grimethorpe Colliery Band in danger of folding" ?

    After seeing comments concerning Grimethorpe's concert in Cardiff and another a week later, perhaps paying for multiple deps makes them less likely to survive on concert income.
  12. Cantonian

    Blaenorchy 2012?

    M3 not allowed as they have players who are registered with M1 and M2. Let's hope for proposed rule changes to be accepted for the sake of the future (and current) players.
  13. Cantonian

    Who inspired you to become the player you are today

    The first advice I was given when joining Cardiff canton junior band at the age of seven was "if you get lost wiggle your valves and blow" from the 14 year old colleague on 2nd horn, Kelvin Hare. Apart from my Dad, my two inspirations were the late Chris Mallett, my first teacher, and the...
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    iPhone case

  15. Cantonian

    Fantasy Football league

    New League: Number 372203-407342
  16. Cantonian

    Salvation Army Music and Secular Bandis

    Where does one put the 'crossover' music such as PLC's Fire in the Blood and particularly Vitae Eternum, the slow movement tune being an arrangement of Ivor Bosanko's song His Provision. Purcell variations (Downie) and Torchbearer (Graham)? These three composers are considered mainstream brass...
  17. Cantonian

    City of cardiff bands concert

    THE CITY OF CARDIFF MELINGRIFFITH BRASS BAND FEATURING ALL THREE OF OUR BANDS, M1, M2 AND M3 Saturday 30 June 2012, 7.00pm Dora Stoutzker Hall The Royal Welsh College Of Music & Arts New Concert Hall Cathays Park, Cardiff, CF10 3ER Tickets: £8.00, Concessions: £6.50 Tickets...