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  1. Spaniels Ears

    Sandhurst deps needed for Wychavon

    Sandhurst Silver are due to play in the top section for Wychavon and we are short a couple of players. We have a great entertainment programme under the baton of Andrew Porter. We are currently requiring: Principal Euph Solo Horn If interested, please contact me on
  2. Spaniels Ears

    L&SC Area 2014 showcase - Sunday 9th March

    Sandhurst Silver Band are hosting 4 other bands from the Championship, 2nd, 3rd and 4th sections to showcase and critic the chosen test pieces for an ideal dry-run for the bands involved. Under contest conditions at St Paul’s Church in Camberley, each band will play their appropriate test...
  3. Spaniels Ears

    Whit friday prize money

    I'm trying to plan out some options for next year to maximise the possibility of prize money from first section. Saddleworth has this great site where you can see the specific 1st prizes however Tameside doesn't split-...
  4. Spaniels Ears

    Digital downloads

    I'm keen to understand the do's and dont's on recordings .....couple of question to those who have done recordings: - is putting a cd on iTunes expensive? I'm presume a % of each sale as aposed to one off fee - if I created a download capability on the band website like amazon/iTunes does...
  5. Spaniels Ears

    Ad Undas - to the waves!

    Has anyone come across a recording of this?? I know it's a new piece, so struggling to find anything more than excerpts. This is the 1st section Butlins test
  6. Spaniels Ears

    Courtois 'Chambord II' 106 XXLR Bb Cornet

    Just wondering if anyone can help me. Having my cornet stripped, serviced and relaqured.....however there is a problem with the bell which is causing issues. I am just wondering if any has one or links to a: Courtois 'Chambord II' 106 XXLR Bb Cornet, that i could buy off them? thanks in advance!
  7. Spaniels Ears

    New cornet, which to road test??

    Having spent many a happy year with my trusted XXL bore Courtois, Ive decided to get a new instrument. Really need some assistance and advice as to which cornets to try as it will be hard pressed to fill the boots of my French beauty!
  8. Spaniels Ears

    Available for St. Helen's - Flugel or Cornet

    Available for St Helen's should anyone need a flugel or back row cornet. Previously played up to 1st Section standard, but currently registered at 3rd section. Based between Stockport and Manchester so feel free to contact me.
  9. Spaniels Ears

    Sold/Expired Stand Banners

    I am just wondering if anyone has any contacts for music stand banners? I only want 5 banners for the quintet I have put together, but dont want to pay the £40 each I am seeing online. Any help would be appreciated.
  10. Spaniels Ears

    Quintet music

    Just after some help/advice please. Been asked to put together a quintet for a 10-15 minute slot at a concert (in a church) and looking for music suggestions. I will have cornet, flugel, Eb horn, Euph and bass. - I would love to put a version of Bradnums' Irish Blessing together. Stunning...
  11. Spaniels Ears

    Competing band lists - areas

    Just wondering if a list gets printed anywhere in advance of all registered bands for the areas??
  12. Spaniels Ears


    Hello all! Just thought I would say hello and make my first post. I'm back on the banding scene after almost 12 years away and now thinking taking it up again was one of the best decisions I ever made. You can't beat the feeling when on stage taking part in a contest and a second place in...