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  1. Roger Thorne


    Instrument: Baritone Make and Model: York Serial Number:501020 Finish: silver Plate Instrument Case Description: black plastic hard case Last Known Location / Area Stolen From: Worksop, Notts Date Stolen (if unknown give range of dates): 16/06/2013 Local Police Station...
  2. Roger Thorne

    Besson Sovereign Euphonium

    Instrument: Euphonium Make and Model: Besson Sovereign 967 Serial Number: 8506825 Finish: Silver Plate. There is a small imperfection in the plate on the back of the bell between the leadpipe and the bottom bow which resembles a swiggle that crosses over itself several times...
  3. Roger Thorne

    Building Work - Job Opportunity - Carpenter (all rounder)

    I know this is an odd request on a Brass Band forum, but this is a genuine offer of employment. A local building company are undertaking a renovation project in Wolverhampton, and are looking to recruit a local tradesman for a period of about 20 weeks. The applicant should be a Time...
  4. Roger Thorne

    Eb/Bb Bass - North Shropshire - 2nd April (Tonight)

    Wem Jubilee Band require the services of a Bb Bass Player for an important concert this Saturday in Wem Parish Church. If anyone can help out please contact me via PM. The concert starts at 7.00pm and a reasonable dep fee is available. Many thanks Roger :tup
  5. Roger Thorne

    Lost Camera Butlins 2011

    Whilst on camp at Butlins this year my camera has gone missing. Housekeeping have not seen it so I thought I might try to see if anyone found the camera. Regards Mally Leivers
  6. Roger Thorne

    Christmas Concert falls victim to snow!!

    Quite ironic really, but due to heavy snowfalls in the Shropshire area we have had to cancel our Annual Christmas Concert which was planned for tonight. Looking at the weather forecast for the next few days, I don't think we'll be the only band to cancel. especially in the North West/Midlands...
  7. Roger Thorne

    Tenor Horn & Flugel

    Instrument: Tenor Horn Make and Model: Besson Sovereign BE950 Serial Number: BE950 895231 Finish: Silver Plated Instrument Case Description: Any distinguising marks: n/a Last Known Location / Area Stolen From: Band Room Instrument Store Date Stolen (if unknown give range of dates): Jan...
  8. Roger Thorne


    Instrument: Eb SOPRANO CORNET Make and Model: SCHILKE BERYLIUM BELL Serial Number: 43224 Finish: SILVER PLATE Instrument Case Description: COURTOIS BLACK CORNET CASE HARD Last Known Location / Area Stolen From: FROM CAR AFTER REHEARSAL IN MANCHESTER M10 Mutes, music stand, sheet music...
  9. Roger Thorne

    May 2010 - Caption Competition

    Usual Rules apply: :tup
  10. Roger Thorne

    April 2010 - Caption Competition

    Usual Rules Apply . . . . . Have fun ;)
  11. Roger Thorne

    March 2010 - Caption Competition

    Usual Rules apply: ;)
  12. Roger Thorne


    Hi Folks, Just a quick heads up - we are experiencing problems with an influx of spammers sending 'virus alerts' to our members via PM's. Unfortunately it reads as if it has been sent from the Administration team at tMP. I can assure you all that this is NOT the case and we strongly suggest...
  13. Roger Thorne

    Butlins - Draw and Results

    Information courtesy of 4BR Championship Section: Venue: Centre Stage, Butlins Skyline Resort Date: Saturday, 23rd January Draw: 12.00 noon (Saturday) Commence: At conclusion of Fourth Section Test Piece: Sleepless Cities (Paul Lovatt-Cooper) Adjudicators: Derek Broadbent and Major...
  14. Roger Thorne

    Hootenanny - can anyone help?

    I know this sounds like an odd request but it is genuine. We have been asked to perform Harold Walters 'Hootenanny' at a funeral :eek: Our original set of parts are so 'dog-eared' we have decided to purchase a new set for the occassion - but I cannot find the Publisher or an outlet. I...
  15. Roger Thorne

    Caption Competition - November 2009

    Usual rules apply: ;)
  16. Roger Thorne

    Yiewsley and West Drayton Band - missing jackets.

    The Yiewsley and West Drayton Band have misplaced a few of our band jackets and so would like to invite anyone who has one from depping for us / ex-players etc to get in contact and arrange for the band to get it back. The jackets are Turquoise, bluey-green with gold trimmings. If anyone...
  17. Roger Thorne

    Stolen - Eb Bass

    Instrument: Make and Model: York Preference EEb Bass Serial Number: 501432 Finish: Silver Mouthpiece: Make and Model: As supplied with Bass Size: Finish: Instrument Case Description: Any distinguising marks: Porthleven Town Band Sticker on case Last Known Location / Area Stolen From...
  18. Roger Thorne

    Caption Competition - October 2009

    Usual Rules apply . . . . . Have fun! ;)
  19. Roger Thorne

    Caption Competition - September 2009

    Better late than never . . . . :oops: Usual rules apply: :tup
  20. Roger Thorne

    June - Caption Competition 2009

    Usual rules apply - have fun! ;)