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  1. Tone deaf and mute

    Michael Jackson

    No certainly not, I'm not trying to suggest it should be taken lightly, but it's the only possible way for someone to avoid dealing with the consequences of their actions for the rest of their life, bring back corporal punishment maybe.....
  2. Tone deaf and mute

    Michael Jackson

    Some of the evidence seems to suggest that the case is rather dubious and I'm not convinced that he's guilty for this particular offence. I'm not suggesting the accusations by other people aren't true, but it sounds like there's a strong possibility this boy's mother has heard the stories and...
  3. Tone deaf and mute

    'nother cornet, needing a band

    Hey G-force, give us a clue - what do you play and what section band are you after? :D
  4. Tone deaf and mute

    Legal issues of performing

    Thanks for all the info so far! I'm still a bit confused on the issues of the different types of performing licences, it's seems like a bit of a minefield! How much does a typical licence cost and where do i get one from? Performing Rights Society - does a group just pay a set fee for an...
  5. Tone deaf and mute

    Legal issues of performing

    Hello, Just wondering if people can help give some advice/point in the direction of information on the following - *Performing Rights Society - What is involved, do all groups/ensembles have to pay the PRS and do people usually do this? *Licences - Would an ensemble need any kinds of...
  6. Tone deaf and mute

    The five most influential brass pieces

    Surely the most influential brass piece has to be The Floral Dance, even if it is for all the wrong reasons! No one piece of music has brought brass bands to the attention of the public as much as that one.....
  7. Tone deaf and mute

    George Foreman Grills

    Wasn't George Foreman the man who played the banjo? I thought he was just an entertainer, did he create the grille or was it just named after him?!
  8. Tone deaf and mute

    Sold/Expired Wanted - disposatone

    After much searching for a 'disposatone' i have discovered that there is in fact no such instrument, as no doubt many of you had realised! It was in fact a cruel April fools prank. My mate thought it was hilarious when i told him i only found out it was a joke more than 3 weeks later!! ...
  9. Tone deaf and mute

    Sold/Expired Wanted - disposatone

    I'm a percussion player and interested in taking up a brass instrument, but want to join a brass ensemble that won't clash with my brass banding. One of my friends mentioned that a disposatone might be a good place to start and it sounds like an interesting instrument, but i'm having problems...
  10. Tone deaf and mute

    Calling all football fans.

    Are you talking about Euro 2004 as in the brass band championships? Or as in the football, because i thought we were on world cup year?
  11. Tone deaf and mute

    Fantasy Brass Band

    When you say 'Fantasy Brass Band' are we nominating players on their playing ability or looks?
  12. Tone deaf and mute


    Well you're just stupid then! Taking the risk of flying on a plane or driving a car isn't definitely going to kill you, in fact probably only 1 in a thousand times will it actually have any effect on your health. Smoking on the other hand is going to affect the health of every person who...