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  1. J

    Today I became a Dad!

    My son, Toby was born today at 19.20 weighing 9lb 2oz. Mother and baby doing great. Time to order that Tuba......... I'm celebrating at home with a large Penderyn.
  2. J

    Omega watches

    this may be slightly odd, but today I was given 5 Omega watches of differing ages by my Uncle. I told him I liked his Seamaster last night, he said that he had a few more at home; he then came round today with 5 in a bag for me!! I assume they're all real as he's had them from all from...
  3. J

    4 Nations Rugby League final - England vs Australia @ Elland Rd, 14/11/2009

    Is anyone going?? I'll be there as a 1/4 of the pre match pitch based entertainment....... The 'rock' band I'm in (playing bass guitar, not Tuba!!) will be playing tunes to the stadium crowd from 6.45pm to just before kick off at 7.30pm from a stage in the middle of the pitch. Any requests...
  4. J

    Anyone need a function band??

    We're taking bookings for next year..... have a look at We'll travel anywhere really....... PM me for more info if anyone is interested - corporate parties, weddings, hotels, uni's, anything really!!! We are the best. And coolest... Jamie:clap:
  5. J

    Silent brass or practice mute???

    I'm considering buying one or the other - I know a silent brass system for bass is slightly more expensive than a good old fashioned practice mute but it is worth it?? Which is the better product purely for practising at home whilst keeping her indoors and the neighbours happy?? Obviously I'm...
  6. J

    Sold/Expired Car for sale

    I have this car for sale on ebay. If anyone is interested in it, PM me. Thanks!:D Jamie
  7. J

    Car or the cash???

    I've been offered a new job and with it a car or car allowance. My choice. In my current job, I have gone for the car (but on a car ownership scheme so I pay less tax). I'm wondering on buying my own car and taking the allowance. What are the other considerations / tax implicationsof taking the...
  8. J

    Sold/Expired Classic Fender amp for sale......

    I have an original 1975 Fender Bassman valve amp head for sale. It's a 100w RMS valve head which means it's loud, and in great condition. It's not used - was bought more as an investment/collection thing It's a classic and highly sought after amplifier, originally made for bass guitar - and...
  9. J

    EEb bass available for Whit Friday

    I'm available to play on Whit Friday as Wrexham aren't going this year. Would prefer a top section / decent 1st section band. Live in Wrexham but drive so not a prob to meet en route and leave car etc, somewhere safe!! Would just require reasonable expenses to cover fuel. PM me for details. Thanks.
  10. J

    Cheating Girlfriend

    Take a look at this - needs sound on it though. Just had it emailed to me by a friend, just desserts me thinks.....
  11. J

    Champions League Draw

    Ac Milan V Bayern Munich Psv V Liverpool Roma V Man Utd Chelsea V Valencia
  12. J

    Viva Las Vegas..........

    I'm off to a friend's wedding in Las Vegas over the Easter Bank Holiday (going 4th - 11th). Never been to Vegas before so was wondering if there's any tips on what's worth seeing etc or what's a waste of time. We're staying at the Bellagio so stuff near there on or around the strip would be...
  13. J

    HELP WANTED: Band in Oxfordshire

    Hi, can anyone help me please?? My parents moved to Kirtlington, North Oxford last year with my 13 yr old brother and 11 yr old sister from Wrexham. Before they moved my little brother had been having cornet lessons in school and off me - got him to around Grade 2 std in 6 months. Since...
  14. J

    Curry Song Game

    Ok, similar to the 'musical games' already going on. This is a game I play with my friends when we go for a 'Ruby'.... Basically the curry song game is where we pitch in with a song title that has been 'ammended' to suit to sound like or include something that is accociated with curry or things...
  15. J

    Sold/Expired Car For Sale!!!

    Hello!!! I have a car for sale. Is anyone interested or know anyone that may be?? It's going in next week's autotrader too: 51 reg Ford Ka 'Collection'. I'll have to check whether it is 2001 or 2002 but I'm sure her Aunt bought it in 2002. Met silver with body colour bumpers and mirrors. It was...
  16. J

    Welsh Area and rugby

    As we all know, the Welsh area is on the wkend 17th/18th March. Wales are playing the old enemy (England);) at in Cardiff on 17th. Has anyone got any plans for catching the game or what pubs in Swansea will be worth going to - we're not playing till sunday arvo.
  17. J

    Sold/Expired Anyone fancy a new guitar???? Click link above - will take you to a Mint 1970 Epiphone J200 acoustic guitar, USA made that I'm selling. Let me know through pm on here if you're interested. ;) Thanks.
  18. J

    Sold/Expired WANTED: SOVERIEGN Eb Tuba

    WANTED:SOVEREIGN Eb Tuba - 981 or 982 Model. Silver plate or laquer, I don't mind as long as it's in good playing order etc. With case preferred also!!! Rather not have something that looks like it's been thrown down the stairs though!!! Up to £2000, cash waiting. Jamie Call or email to below -...