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    2017 Regional Test Piece Rumours

    What Moomin said :-) He is indeed a top bloke and a superb musician
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    Favourite You Tube Master class list

    This is my favourite You Tube master class:-
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    Long serving conductors

    Keith Johnston, SA Bandmaster at Edinburgh Gorgie, this year celebrates 32 years in charge of the band.
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    LGBT+ community

    Well said that man Moomin. There's a lot of sense spoken above by Dave and for the life of me, I can't see what the problem is with somebody setting up an Brass Band LGBT+ page on Facebook. I've chosen to Like it, and think it needs to be encouraged.
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    Regionals '16 CD

    It's the studio recording from the "Music of Philip Sparke" CD. Yet again, poor show on this CD. Five pieces, three re-issued recordings (of which it transpired I already owned 2) and only two new recordings, yet "full price" £13.95. Seems a bit of a swizz.
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    Abide with Me - Karl Jenkins/Peter Graham

    Agreed. It's not quite as appealing as the CD recording version. Just a couple of small changes (plus the key change) lessen its effectiveness IMHO.
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    2015 National Finals Test Piece Rumours..

    Will it make-over the rainbow sound easy?
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    2015 Scottish Championships

    Not bad Alan!
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    Exciting Openers.

    Hi Chris Thanks for letting me know about the LP - think one member from then still playing with the band..... Paul
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    Exciting Openers.

    When Thunder Calls - nuff said!! Alternatively, if you're looking for something different, try "Trinity" by Lorne Barry (published SP & S). My band started with it at a contest last year and it seemed to work well.
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    MP3 or CD accompaniments

    I have a solo engagement in the next few weeks. For a variety of reasons which I shan't go into here, I don't have an accompanist. Where can I buy MP3 accomps for some well known solos? (I'm an Eb Bass player) Thanks in anticipation.
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    Audio Adjudication - opinions?

    James, they have 2 adjudicators at the Borders Entertainment Contest in Scotland. One written, one spoken. I've done the spoken one. The concept seems to be well received up here - they've done it for 4 years now. And of course, we're only following what has been done for many years in...
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    The Most successful rehearsal style

    Are we talking rehearsal style or leadership style? Rehearsal style largely is determined upon what is needing to be done, and is also reflected in what is given by the players. Leadership style is entirely different. That, IMHO, should always be based around sound values, such as respect...
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    The French Horn Player with no arms

    There are no words to describe how breathtaking that is. Astonishing.
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    Question for the Salvation Army members

    Gordon, You're bang on the money with this post, with the exception of your last sentence, which should more probably read "but the answer definitely isn't better brass players".
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    Good Hymn Tune Arrangements

    Just so you're aware, on the Grimethorpe recording they miss out a section of the arrangement in the minor key, which I happen to think is quite a dramatic section of the piece! Have to agree though, it's a great arrangement, and never been used as much in SA circles as it deserved to be.
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    Good Hymn Tune Arrangements

    The one I refer to Carl, is:- "Grimethorpe Colliery Band play your 20 favourite hymns" Conducted by Garry Cutt Pickwick PWKS 4248 Recorded 1995 (Produced by Gordon Lorenz)
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    Question for the Salvation Army members

    James, I totally agree with you.
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    Good Hymn Tune Arrangements

    Think it's an arrangement by Albert Jakeway and published many moons ago in the SA General Series. World of Brass are the people who can help locate it. Over to you Carl!!