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    Staines played great today. They well deserved the win.
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    If a composer has specifically said that he wants something played a certain way, then who am I to disagree? If he doesn't specify, then as far as I am concerned it is down to my (or the conductors) interpretation. In some places it is going to sound great, and others it will sound bad. It's a...
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    Which make?

    The url is I know someone who has one of their trumpets with a copper bell, and the sound he can make with it is incredible. It just doesn't break up, no matter how loud it gets.
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    Which make?

    Edwards now make a cornet, and if their trumpets are anything to go by, then it would certainly be worth a look.
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    Gear: Gig Bag

    A mate of mine has the trombone version and it seems pretty good. Shame they don't do one for tuba. :-(
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    What band do you play for?

    I play Eb bass for City of Cambridge.
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    Eb bass, Cambridgeshire/London, Any

    Intrument: Eb Bass Location/Region: Cambridge / London Grade: 8+ Name: Keith Batchelor Contact Details: email in profile or 01223 416413 Instrument(s) played: Tuba Section of Band you are comfortable to deputise for: Any How much notice do you require: A sensible amount, but...