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    Enfield Citadel Band at Sheffield Citadel

    Saturday 4th June - 7pm Enfield Citadel Band - Bandmaster James Williams MBE In concert at The Salvation Army - Sheffield Citadel 12 Psalter Lane Sheffield S11 8YN Tickets £5 (unreserved) Contact: Simon Rowney - 07971 973929 or email
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    British Bandsman - A Different Perspective

    Rather than having a debate (as is already happening on this web-site) as to the merits of SA v Non SA Editor for this newspaper. I thought it might be more productive if everyone has opportunity to be constructive and comment on what they would like to see in the British Bandsman in the future...
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    The Leyland Band at Sheffield Cathedral

    Music Department at Sheffield Cathedral have asked me to post this on their behalf. Friday 2nd July 2004 - 8 pm The Leyland Band in Concert as part of Sheffield Cathedral's Arts Festival Programme March - Wellington - Zehle Overture - THe Barber of Seville - Rossini Flugel Solo -...
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    Salvation Army Published Music & non SA Bands

    With the Salvation Army changing it''s stance a few years ago on who could buy & play SA Music. The following thoughts crossed my mind. 1. What SA Music has become popular with non SA bands? (not what has been recorded the most!) 2. Are people mainly playing the well known SA stuff by the...
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    Hendon SA Band - visit to Sheffield

    Hendon SA Band (Bandmaster Stephen Cobb) will be giving a concert in the SA Hall at Sheffield Citadel on Saturday 22nd May 2004. Excellent opportunity to hear this first class SA band Tickets Priced £5 are now on sale. If you would like further information, or wish to purchase tickets...