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    Sold/Expired french horn?!?!?!?!

    I know this is weird for a brass band thingy but I'm looking to sell my french horn as I've bought a brand new paxman horn which is lovely... well looked after, been played regularly... looking for about £600 as I had bought it for £1,200 only last year... few dents... double horn, F/Bb silver...
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    youth brass 2000 - join!!!!!

    hey just a quick note, probably get told off for this but hey... I'm from a band called youth brass 2000, we're the french national open champions and we always do well at blackpool entertainment championships... just wondering if anyone out there wanted to join... fab band everyone's great and...
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    moving to Preston

    hey guys... I'm soon to be moving to Uni in september going to Central Lancashire in Preston. I play the tenor horn, flugal horn, Bb and Eb cornet... looking for first section band on horn (preferably solo or 1st, not really bothered though) or a championship band playing anything (I don't...