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  1. Bloo42

    What’s your favourite instrument and why?

    Trombone. Heard a guy make a car sound on one in 6th grade, and immediately signed up for band. Several years later and I'm going to college for the thing. I've played everything from picc trumpet to bari sax to piano, and I can play it all pretty well, but nothing is as enjoyable for me as...
  2. Bloo42

    Schiller Alto Horn

    Not the best alto horn. Not the worst. Tone is acceptable. Has some minor intonation issues in the lower register. Valves are a solid 7/10. Pretty much new condition, with a few minor scratches, as well as a couple of manufacturing defects (most noticeable around tuning slides and braces. Comes...
  3. Bloo42

    Euphonium to Eb Bass

    I'm a Euphonium/Trombone player primarily, but I've been getting an itch for some lower brass for a while now. I've made the decision that I want to buy a cheap EEb Tuba after playing both an EEb and a BBb for a while. It's much more comfortable and more practical for me to carry to and from...
  4. Bloo42

    Looking for a new challenge

    Not *unplayable*, and I started incredibly early. 3 years ago was middle school for me, not working with super-developed chops here. And of course, it's not the only piece I practice. It's just one that I practice and play the most. I'm still constantly getting better at it.
  5. Bloo42

    Looking for a new challenge

    My best advice - find a piece beyond your range of playing, whether it be in speed, pitch, technique, etc. Work that piece down. Try to play it all the way through, every time you play it. I've been playing Carnival of Venice on trombone for almost 3 years now, and I still can't make parts of it...
  6. Bloo42

    Name an instrument, I'll play it.

    Jokes on you, I'm 1st kitchen sink in the London Philharmonic. I play a custom gold plate Kraus KHU123-32.
  7. Bloo42

    Name an instrument, I'll play it.

    Hello, I'm new here as you can all probably tell. I'll just use this thread to drop off some general information about me. I've been a brass player for about 5 years now. I'll play anything that's needed of me, but I am most comfortable and most proficient with Trombone/Euphonium ranged...