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  1. Norwegianbaritone

    Baritone player looking for band Scotland(near Edinburgh)

    As Im moving over to Edinburgh in September I would like to join a band in the area. I have just finished a year at Manger Folkehøgskule, which is famous and has a good reputation when it comes to their brass course. When it comes to standard I have competed in all sections here in Norway...
  2. Norwegianbaritone

    Prestige Baritones

    Besson Baritone Horn BE2056-1-0 Prestige SRP £4,010.00 Our Web Price : £2,907.00 (£2,474.04 ex VAT) You Save : £1,103.00 Delivery Estimate: £10.00 Please phone +44 (0)1823 282386 for availability on this item Besson BE2056-1-0 Prestige Baritone Horn Bb Lacquer Full professional quality. 3...
  3. Norwegianbaritone

    Norwegian Brass Band Championship 2007

    There might be someone here interested in the norwegian championship. it is held in Grieghallen, Bergen 9-10. February. The test piece in the championship section is "Cloudcatcher Fells" Among the pieces: Vienna Nights Dances and Allelujas Dances and Arias English Heritage The Year of the...
  4. Norwegianbaritone

    Favorite marches

    With the Whit Friday coming up, it would havew been intresting to know a bit about your meaning of marches. Do you have any special favorite(s)?? I have a lot: The Jaguar Black Diamonds Star Lake Puncinello Praise The great little army The B.B and C.F. these are among my favorites... And the...
  5. Norwegianbaritone

    Baritone solos

    There is often a problem to find solos for my instrument, so I guess the other baritoneplayers also have that problem. So here is a link to lots of baritone solos... For the ones that are interested... :clap: :clap: :)
  6. Norwegianbaritone

    The Pontin's Youth Brass Band Championships 2006

    Hi.. Just wondered if anyone else than me are going there??? I'm going with Sveio Skulekorps ( Norway). We're going to play a lot of great music, and I'm really looking forward to it..:)
  7. Norwegianbaritone

    The International Summer School Brass Band 2006

    Could anyone tell me about the International Summer School Brass Band? (2006, where it's held and so on...)
  8. Norwegianbaritone

    Brass band summer school

    Is there any brass band summer school/camp in GB? And are they in that case open for people from aboard? It would have been fun trying it out, have done everything here, and there aren't enough challenges...
  9. Norwegianbaritone

    The grade system..

    Could someone explain the grade system of yours? Don't think we'we got antthing like it here in norway. :confused: :confused: :confused: Just wondered.. :)
  10. Norwegianbaritone

    Favorite piece??

    What's your favorite pieces??? Need some good examples...
  11. Norwegianbaritone

    The best baritone

    I just wondered: What is the best baritone?? What do you think? I have got a Besson Sovereign 956, 4-valve. And I love it!! :D
  12. Norwegianbaritone


    Hello.. Thaught that this could be a place for the norwegian brass band people...:clap: The National Championship coming up next weekend.. Break a leg everybody!!!! Love you all!!!!:) :) :)