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  1. Feitulfen :)

    Feitulfen :)

  2. Fjøro :)

    Fjøro :)

  3. Camillas pics

    Camillas pics

    various pix
  4. Norwegianbaritone

    Baritone solos

    I know that Love of my life was published by Norsk Noteservice as in 2005, this is a norwegian store selling it: hope this helps :)
  5. Norwegianbaritone

    Any duets for horn and baritone?

    Only one Ive heard about is John Golland's "Meiso", dont know wheter there is a piano acc. to it. :S
  6. Norwegianbaritone

    false teeth advice

    The best thing is maybe to consult his dentist, there might be possible to make something to prevent this to happen
  7. Norwegianbaritone

    Baritone player looking for band Scotland(near Edinburgh)

    I just have to say thank you for all the intrest you've shown me. Its kind of hard to decide, when not knowing how the uni will be like. I guess I will be over around 5.-9. September, and will be living in the uni halls at QMU, in Musselburgh.
  8. Norwegianbaritone

    Baritone player looking for band Scotland(near Edinburgh)

    I forgot to mention that I have got my own instrument, a Besson Sovereign 956, 4 valved baritone.
  9. Norwegianbaritone

    Baritone player looking for band Scotland(near Edinburgh)

    As Im moving over to Edinburgh in September I would like to join a band in the area. I have just finished a year at Manger Folkehøgskule, which is famous and has a good reputation when it comes to their brass course. When it comes to standard I have competed in all sections here in Norway...
  10. Norwegianbaritone

    Prestige Baritones

    Ye, but if you look at the ad, it says that the prestige baritone has 3 valves, and a trigger, which you dont find any information about on the besson page.. I guess its the ad which is containing "false" information.
  11. Norwegianbaritone

    Prestige Baritones

    thank you:)
  12. Norwegianbaritone

    Prestige Baritones

    I dont know where this thread got into this room, it was supposed to be in the rehearsal room....... Could some move it in there??
  13. Norwegianbaritone

    Prestige Baritones

    Besson Baritone Horn BE2056-1-0 Prestige SRP £4,010.00 Our Web Price : £2,907.00 (£2,474.04 ex VAT) You Save : £1,103.00 Delivery Estimate: £10.00 Please phone +44 (0)1823 282386 for availability on this item Besson BE2056-1-0 Prestige Baritone Horn Bb Lacquer Full professional quality. 3...
  14. Norwegianbaritone

    European championships 2008

    I hope Stockholm will do a nice version of the Year of the Dragon, as it is my favourite piece:)
  15. Norwegianbaritone

    European tours - suggestions/advice sought

    The details are found at but its only in Norwegian:( (I could translate if you are very interrested) No, I don't know any Siv Hogtun.. Askøy is a nice place as well, and the local bands from there usually come to the Tysnes festival. Norway is...
  16. Norwegianbaritone

    European tours - suggestions/advice sought

    We've got a festival in the beginning of June each year, the Tysnes Festival. Located on the beautiful island Tysnes, which lies just one hour south of Bergen, on the western coast of Norway. The festival has got two parts, a British style march contest, and a entertainment contest...
  17. Norwegianbaritone

    What is the Hardest Test Piece you've Ever Played

    The hardest I have played has to be Contest Music, very challenging musically....
  18. Norwegianbaritone

    Best insults to players from conductors

    I've heard a lot through my years with different conductors and bands, but one I'll never forget is: Me: splitting on a topB conductor: puts down the baton and asks: <Camilla, who are you trying to Kill? Me: Sorry..... Conductor: I looks like you almost succeded putting out the guy besides...
  19. Norwegianbaritone

    Own Choice 2nd Section Test Pieces

    I've done The year of the dragon in 2. section, in the national championship here in Norway... It was great fun!!!!! Ive also done The Plantagenets and Resurgam, Forest of Dean(in 3rd section)and London Overture (in 2). This year we're doing Diversions by Sparke. There is also a band who is...