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  1. Pythagoras

    Butlins - Draw and Results

    Well done to Dronfield, winning the 4th section. Great performance.
  2. Pythagoras

    Sequels that have gone too far!!!

    Star Trek films have the opposite pattern to Harry Potter books. Even is best for star trek, odd for Harry Potter. Men in Black II was pretty rubbish. All the Bond films after Sean Connery.
  3. Pythagoras

    Band playing at Challenge cup final

    Enjoyed seeing Black Dyke. Was an enjoyable game, but not quite Leeds v St. Helens. Huddersfield had more knock-ons than points. Re-inforced my opinion of how much better union is. None of this 6 goes then let the opposition have a go. Also, why bother with the scrums when they're putting the...
  4. Pythagoras

    The Book Reviews Thread

    The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins is a fascinating book whether you are a theist or an atheist. The logical arguments about whether god exists, what is proof, the special place given to religion etc. are really thought provoking. I seem to keep reading it over and over. As for fiction...
  5. Pythagoras

    A Level Results Day

    Pleased with the results of my pupils. The point about percentages going up because people drop out after AS is certainly true, I find this every year, and to quite a significant effect. As for information being more available etc, in a lot of subjects this won't do any good, as you have all...
  6. Pythagoras

    Jackets On or Jackets Off?

    Think jackets are kept on too often. Open necked black shirt (for example) looks quite smart and doesn't risk people collapsing from overheating, which is a really good look.
  7. Pythagoras

    Calling all teachers

    Signed. What a pile of nonsense (being polite). Thanks for bringing it up.
  8. Pythagoras

    The Union Flag is offensive - official!!!

    Exactly right imo.
  9. Pythagoras

    Pet Peeves

    Shocking! What about the putting new stuff on the walls and laminating all the textbooks? Can't expect us teachers to do it, we're too busy colour coding next year's timetable.
  10. Pythagoras

    The Ashes

    What a finish! The draw feels like a victory for England. Just goes to show the superiority of Test cricket.
  11. Pythagoras

    Adjudicator's announced for Old Silkstone's 8th annual March & Hymn Tune Contest

    Really nice contest, hope to go again. Was really pleased with Barnsley's second at the Red Lion, and BEST BASS SECTION there as well!! How on earth did we get equal second in deportment? Did some bands run down the hill or something?
  12. Pythagoras

    National Anthem and Council Bandstands

    Is that true about Wetherby? Curses.
  13. Pythagoras

    What gets your blood boiling?

    People who, on crowded buses or trains, sit on the outside seat blocking an empty seat inside rather than sitting on the inside or moving inside when people get on. 'University of Life' types. Having a degree isn't necessarily wrong and not having a degree doesn't automatically make you more...
  14. Pythagoras

    Football supporters..Which football team do you really hate and why?

    The always probably wouldn't stay always. Teams would start saying that if it was decided the ref was wrong the arguing player shouldn't be punished.
  15. Pythagoras

    Football supporters..Which football team do you really hate and why?

    The trouble with this is that it wouldn't be long before the top clubs started abusing this and lobbying for refs to be punished, and refs would know this, which would introduce a potential bias (if this isn't already the case). Behaviour in football is awful. Why can't they behave like in...
  16. Pythagoras

    Football supporters..Which football team do you really hate and why?

    Not really hatred, but would be quite happy if Newcastle go down. Loads of their fans seem to have some idea that they have some divine right not to be relegated and that they are really in the same class as Man Utd and Liverpool. How many league championships have they ever won? Don't want...
  17. Pythagoras

    Stocksbridge Band Club 2009

    Couldn't go last night, hope it was a good concert. When's the prizes night Edward?
  18. Pythagoras

    Uniforms - time for a change...?

    With one of the 2 bands I play in we wear black shirts and trousers and it looks a lot better than normal band uniform imo. Walking out jackets annoy me, why do we need a uniform on when coming out to put up stands etc?
  19. Pythagoras

    Stocksbridge Band Club 2009

    Have to agree with all the other comments. Was very enjoyable to play in, and seemed to go down well. Had only played 3 or 4 of them before, so was a good sight reading test. Seven basses, its the future!