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  1. louise0502

    Brass Bands and Rock Bands

    Yeah all the music that we have ever done like this was arranged for us by our MD/resident composer, I would imagine there's not a lot out there to just buy.
  2. louise0502

    Paddy's North of England Area - 2012

    Personally I prefer to beat ten other bands than just to beat the 4 or so that are from the north east! And all sections have this problem - bands from Portsmouth have to travel 150miles to Torquay to compete in the "West of England" area, when Portsmouth is slap bang in the middle of the south...
  3. louise0502

    Paddy's 4th Section National Finals - 2012

    Ooh, exciting stuff! So when do the test pieces get announced?
  4. louise0502

    Brass Bands and Rock Bands

    Totally does work - hopefully this picture has uploaded and you can see how we did it. So many good songs - check out the videos on my bands facebook page (Dunston Silver Band) - absolutely amazing experience. Playing the Sage again next week, this time there will be a smaller selection of the...
  5. louise0502

    March for the Alternative?

    The RMT band was Easington Colliery. Took us about five hours to get round once we'd eventually started, not surprisingly I am very achy today!
  6. louise0502

    Regionals 2010 : Third Section Test Piece - Labour and Love

    With regard to the synopsis on the score, I can't seem to find where it's written anywhere on the internet. Does anyone have a link to it or maybe have it with them and be able to type what is written about the euph solo bit for me? Thanks
  7. louise0502

    Gradings, Points, Sections, National, Local

    Would it not be the lowest points (i.e. 1) +1. So you'd always get two. Or is it done on who gets the most points is the worst? lol ok I'm confusing myself now, i'll go look at one of those websites mentioned above hehe.
  8. louise0502

    A Burning Question

    25 brass plus 2-4 percussion
  9. louise0502

    A Burning Question

    Same here.
  10. louise0502

    A Burning Question

    It is, but only in the same way that a euphonium and tenor trombones are. They all still read bass clef and are written in C in military bands/all other bands.
  11. louise0502

    Regionals 2008: Third Section area test piece-Dark side of the moon

    Just thought I'd clarify, I did actually know what a motif is, I just didn't know what it was in this piece. Although, if I'd thought about it a little harder, it is actually quite obvious lol.
  12. louise0502

    GCSE results 2007

    A lot of people find that. University's probably more useful for teaching ways of learning so we can do it faster and more effectively when we actually need to learn a job in the future. (She says leaning over a text book she's supposed to be reading in order to type on here!)
  13. louise0502

    Regionals 2008: Third Section area test piece-Dark side of the moon

    Don't you mean motif? No, I don't know what it is, would be interested though.
  14. louise0502

    GCSE results 2007

    I'd say a C was about average, if I take people I know into account. All that means then is that only the more 'gifted' GCSE maths students are allowed to do A-level maths. What's wrong with that? All they're saying is that you have to be above average to get onto the course. Plus, with all...
  15. louise0502

    GCSE results 2007

    At my college you had to get an A*-A at GCSE to be able to do A-level in maths, languages and other things becuase a C just doesn't equip you with the knowledge to be able to carry it on without the basics. But for most other subjects it doesn't matter because you practically start learning...
  16. louise0502

    GCSE results 2007

    That's very harsh. You need 5 A*-Cs to study A-levels, and he got a lot higher than that. Well done Ben.
  17. louise0502

    Qualifications and Skills (and Relevance)

    Um, studying for a degree in Maths and Psychology - I should be revising! A in AS music (only took it up in my third year) AAAB in A-levels and AAA in other AS-levels. A in GCSE music (which I am still bitter about - I wanted an A* :( - although, I did do one of my recorded solos on the...
  18. louise0502

    Brass band romances

    How's this for one: Not brass band at the beginning, but towards the end it is! Me and my boyfriend met through our respective army cadet bands. He was an instructor in Northumbria Army Cadet band and I was an instructor in Hampshire Army cadet band. He's an Eb bass player (though from his...
  19. louise0502 it or hate it?

    Marching band gigs are fun for a few reasons: 1) it's probably the only exercise some of our band members ever get! 2) people fainting on parade 3) half the band missing the mase going up or double bass drum beat and making t**ts of themselves 4) half way through thinking it'll never end and...
  20. louise0502

    Sold/Expired Sovereign Horn For Sale

    Horn for sale? Have you sold this horn yet, what make is it?