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    Bobby McFerrin demonstrates...

    ...the power of the pentaton scale at the World Science Festival. Check this out: I am not sure if this is the right part of tmp to show this video but you have to see it. Moderators feel free to move. ;) All the best, Frode Sop Eikanger
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    Happy new year from Norway!

    Hi everybody, I am not the one writing the most posts on Tmp but I like to hang around and see what happens in the different parts of the banding world. I would just like to wish everybody at the forum a Happy New Year, both the ones I have actually met in person and all the rest. Best...
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    animated posting rules :)
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    Save Manger Folk High School - please read

    Dear fellow tmp's, I just would like you to help us at Manger Folk High School to try to save our school: "Save Manger Folk High School" hosted on the web by at: I personally agree with what this petition says, and I...