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    Area Test Pieces

    Having listened to the Regionals 2004 CD earlier this week I would like to congratulate the Panel on a superb selection, these pieces should keep all bands v happy. I play in a 2nd section band, and I'm really looking forward to starting work on Kaleidoscope, certainly the best piece I've...
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    8) Good Luck to our friends at Wem at Wychavon this weekend from all at Seindorf Deiniolen. Give em Hell!!
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    Celestial Prospect

    We've all heard the hype about Prague not being suitable for the Area, but I would like to congratulate the panel for their choice of Celestial Prospect as the set piece for section two. I play with a second section band and we still have a week to go until our area contest, but we find that we...
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    Conductor / Musical Director Wanted

    The Deiniolen Silver Band are looking for a Conductor / Musical Director. We are looking for an energetic person to help regain our position in the 1st Section. If you think you have the necessary experience please contact us on: or
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    Solo Cornet and Bass players wanted at Deiniolen Silver Band

    We are currently contesting within the second section, but we are looking to make a swift return into the first section. We are a freindly village band with world class rehersal facilities due to lottery funding. If you are a cornet or bass (Eb or Bb) we would be happy to hear from you, but we...