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  1. weuphl

    Sold/Expired Courtois Euph Parts

    Having trouble sourcing valve guides for a Courtois Euphonium. (Or even making succesful contact with a rep!). Its the 167R. I had it overhauled and silver plated recently but unfortunately the valves are a bit 'rattly' and can rotate a wee bit in the casing making me think a set of new valve...
  2. weuphl

    Re-lacquering Costs - how much?

    Help please! Was cleaning my new second-hand Courtois euph last night and had bought 'Rescue Wipes' from local supermarket to assist in the cleaning process. Advertised as being for 'fine metals' such as 'Gold, Silver, Brass, Pewter', 'non-abrasive' etc. (PM me for brand if you want so you...
  3. weuphl


    Intrument: Euphonium Conductor/Compere: Location/Region: Scotland Grade: Okay Name: William Lauder Contact Details: Instrument(s) played: Euphonium;Baritone Section of Band you are comfortable to deputise for: Any How much notice do you require...