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  1. Suzi Q

    Tax return avoidance

    So is anyone else doing their tax return still, or are you all really organised? How many of you that are doing it keep sneaking on here, just to check it out, to find no one has written anything since last time you popped in? I hate tax returns! Suzi
  2. Suzi Q

    Round stamp, wide bore?

    One day I want to buy myself a nice tenor horn, I use a band instrument at the moment. I’ve been looking around (dreaming!) and have noticed some terms I really don’t understand. What does ‘round stamp’ and ‘large bore’ actually mean? What’s the difference? What’s your preferance and why? And...
  3. Suzi Q

    An introduction

    Hi! Just thought I’d introduce myself to the boards before I start joining in proper and asking loads of questions. I took up tenor horn having played piano and clarinet for years, and I love it, and brass band playing. There is just nothing like brass bands in the woodwind world. Although there...