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    Pots & Pans in the Park

    I just want to echo what Jason said about our concert today, Pots and Pans in the Park. The band worked hard with advertising the concert in our local area targeting Schools, Nurserys and Mother and Toddler Groups. Additionally we printed out posters that were also displayed in local shops...
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    Staines Brass in Concert - Marches & Melodies

    Marches & Melodies a civic concert given by Staines Brass Band 7:30pm - Saturday 31st March St Peter's Church, Laleham Road, Staines Tickets £5 on the door (in aid of parish & local charities) Bookings 01784 469155 or
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    US Presidential Election

    I can't believe you don't
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    e-bay items

    Lol, very funny! Here is a little song about Ebay. Just click the link and make sure your sound is on :-D
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    Beta-blocker posts [split & moved from original]

    I'm sure someone will! Some people on this forum think its pathetic to use lips creams and take water on stage. The bananas don't stand a chance :biggrin:
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    Beta-blocker posts [split & moved from original]

    I don't see what the problem is with taking these. I don't personally, did once about 10 years ago but that was because I was so petrified about going on stage I don't think I would have made it on without something to calm me down. If people want to take them so what? I really don't agree...
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    Community of the Year Awards from

    Come on guys! We need to get 200 by Friday! Get your voting hats on! There must be more than 125 tMPers :biggrin:
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    Community of the Year Awards from

    Hey!! Looking on the currently active users of the vBulletin site is like looking at the list at the bottom of tMP!! :)
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    Community of the Year Awards from

    :p Managed to register now - it kept rejected my hotmail before! Leaders are now Authentics 104 tMP 112 Yipee - hope tMP wins!! :cool:
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    Community of the Year Awards from

    Been trying to vote today, but it keeps rejecting my email address :rolleyes: Will keep trying! We need to recruit some more votes fast. It is now 104 109 only 5 votes in it between tMP and The Authentic Campaigner!!
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    1st Section Results (Harrogate)

    Hi David Thanks for your congratulations to Staines. It was a good weekend! Should have mentioned earlier - congrats to Pemberton adn Parc and Dare! Was too busy saying thanks to Kapitol and all the organisers and forgot to mention the other two bands:rolleyes: :)
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    1st Section Results (Harrogate)

    A very enjoyable day. For me the team Kapitol really did it. As a perc, I have never felt so relaxed about the kit on the stage. We were given the opportunity to have a quick peek at the gear and ask Ray, (apologies if have got your name wrong!) who owned all the percussion, any questions. I...
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    Progress...for the good of the band?

    What I would like to know is why you are not revealing your identity? If you feel it is your place to make these remarks about our band on a public forum, then please reveal yourself. Or do you have something to gain by hiding your identity? Just sent you a private message, if I did get your...
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    Progress...for the good of the band?

    Hellraiser, and all the other tmpers who have quoted this. It is not a first post. It is simply a first post under the name of Orange Juice. It is a shame that whoever this it, and I have a pretty good idea, could not post under their existing username. Afterall, they are only voicing an...
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    Ha ha ha! That is very funny! :D
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    Clever clock...

    Here is another!
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    Staines Brass - Charity Concert - Shepperton Fri 07/05/04

    CHARITY CONCERT in aid of the Mayor of Spelthorne’s Charity Fund by Staines Brass Band, The Sopranos and Young Voices Choir at: The John Crook Theatre Halliford School, Russell Road, Shepperton, Middlesex, TW17 9HX Friday, 7 May 2004 at 7.30pm For more information please contact the...
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    T In The Park Tickets

    Oooo I doubt it. Have you seen the prices they are selling for on Ebay :shock: :shock...
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    Dedication!!! - What would you miss for banding???

    WOW! Where in England are are you moving to?
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    What on earth.................??!!! I am now wondering why he didn't make an extra plastic bit to cover his private bits :shock: His suit really isn't too flattering ehhh!??