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    Help!! Bb bass required for Senior Cup 12th May

    Help us please!!! We (Fishburn Band) are in need of a Bb bass player for imminent Senior Cup contest in Blackpool. Piece is Elgar Variations. We are based in County Durham, about 10 miles south of Durham. Please send me message if you are interested or know anyone who is. Thanks...
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    Fishburn Band - Resident Conductor Vacancy

    Due to relocation, Fishburn Band have a vacancy for a Resident Conductor. The Band are based in Fishburn, about 10 miles from Durham. We are a friendly, ambitious, championship section band, who will be competing at Easingwold, Land of Burns, Dr Martin Trust and Scottish Open later in 2011...
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    Appeals Procedure

    Quick question for you all.... In Scotland, the procedure for appeals (ie for/against relegation and promotion) is a very new one ie nobody has ever done it before!!! I know its set up and operational in England (and Wales?) so exactly how does it work??? Is it different in every area...
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    Clapping Bands on stage

    With the Open coming up this weekend, ive been wondering about the whole issue of bands being applauded when they come on stage. Only seems to happen with a 'select' few and then all u hear is the ssshs and ooohs from the audience. Why cant every bands be applauded on stage?? They are the...
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    European 2004 - Glasgow

    Does anyone have a complete list of the competing bands? Many Thanks, Jane Dalmellington Band