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    Sold/Expired 2 Tubas (EEb) lying in wait

    Can anyone help? I'm no-longer playing regularly and I have 2 EEb bass tubas sat in my spare room doing nothing - great shame, shouldn't happen. What's the likely 2nd-hand value: (1) Sovereign 981 (concert model) EEb. Just a few years old. Immaculate condition - one slight dent in the...
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    HOW TO get more out of a concert

    No, no. There arn't any magic answers here....................yet! Read thread by Soppy that talked of only 50 people at a concert near Ely. Q1: what elements make up a good concert, incl. attendance? Q2: what things make a bad concert?, incl. the listeners, too. Q3: what do we...