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  1. weuphl

    scottish open

    Whoop, whoop ...... Scottish Open Perth Concert Hall, Mill Street, Perth Draw: Pre-drawn Commenced:14.00hrs Own Choice Competition Adjudicators: Tom Brevik, Ray Farr & Steven Mead Results 1. Co-operative Funeralcare, Dr. Nicholas Childs 2. Tertnes, Gary Peterson 3...
  2. weuphl

    scottish open

    I hope so, been knocking my pan in all week at rehearsals - all strangely quiet!
  3. weuphl

    Scottish Area Contest - 2010

    Good day at Office - well done team Co-op! Well done to all Scottish qualifiers for Nationals including my first band KCB...
  4. weuphl

    What's Your Favourite Encore?

    Stingray! Have it!
  5. weuphl

    The Grumpy Old Rant Room

    From a little experience (in a different field admittedly) - I am sure the justification would be 1) to protect the teacher from further allegations 2) to protect the 'child'?! 3) to allow an impartial investigation to allow the 'facts' to be ascertained without potential interference from...
  6. weuphl

    The Grumpy Old Rant Room

    Just to change subject... If stainless steel exhausts last ssssoooooo much longer (life-time guarantee from some places) what don't the car manufacturers put them on as standard from new? Would help the environment too? Oh wait, I THINK there is a rather huge and profitable line of...
  7. weuphl

    The Grumpy Old Rant Room

    I actually do put the seat/lid down afterwards - heard a guy on the radio once taling about the 'aerosol effect' of flushing a toilet with the lid up - my toothbrush is certainly less than 6 feet from the WC.... BUT Ladies - please do not leave magazines on the cistern (or even worse Next...
  8. weuphl

    Sold/Expired Courtois Euph Parts

    Cheers - actually heard back from Courtois Rep this morning so fingers crossed I'm sorted - if not I'll give these guys a ring. Thanks Frontman.
  9. weuphl

    Sold/Expired Courtois Euph Parts

    Having trouble sourcing valve guides for a Courtois Euphonium. (Or even making succesful contact with a rep!). Its the 167R. I had it overhauled and silver plated recently but unfortunately the valves are a bit 'rattly' and can rotate a wee bit in the casing making me think a set of new valve...
  10. weuphl

    The Chatting Room

    Ahem - can't miss the chance for this post -- "PULL THE UDDER ONE!!" :-)
  11. weuphl

    Maestro !

    Just watched the two episodes off of Sky+ last night. Sorry but David Soul had to go - that was toe curling stuff - I actually couldn't watch the television. As for the first non conductor judge - how could he (if my memory serves) give David Soul 5 and Bradley 2? Everything he hates in...
  12. weuphl


    I don't see skimpy nylon shorts being in my wardrobe any time soon - rest easy Ayrshire! You don't half type well for a 10 month old! ;-) Have heard the tip re planting tatties - eyeing up some over winter onions to get started with to have something to see growing over winter/autumn...
  13. weuphl


    Was round at a friends allotment yesterday having a look see - reassured me a bit as I had started reading about all the horrors of weeding and mulching etc and convinced I might be biting off more than I can chew! They have split a half allotment with their father-in-law so is the same size...
  14. weuphl


    I don't believe this - grew some potatoes in bags, got some tomato plants and a strawberry plant in pots in garden to show 2 1/2 yr old son where food comes from - and got into it - approached local council re allotment on Monday and got allocated 1/4 plot on the Wednesday! 37.5 Sq Metres (gulp)...
  15. weuphl

    You know you grew up in the 80's if:

    You wore staypress trousers(not even sure of spelling!) You wore a snorkel parka - how many kids were killed wearing them crossing the road You stood on tables at school disco to sing 'we don't need no education' - until hauled down by teachers You played at conkers? Oooh the health and...
  16. weuphl

    Doctor Who Series Finale (Saturday 5th July)

    I was convinced K9 was going to get it as 'most faithful companion will die'... rather relieved when he made it! :-)
  17. weuphl

    Doctor Who Series Finale (Saturday 5th July)

    There is great discussion on other forums re 'the ring' - mostly that it is the ring the Master wore and dropped when he died - you saw 'somone's hand' picking up - most think that hand was female....
  18. weuphl

    Manchester United: Champions of Europe.

    Nothing like doing it the hard way though! Felt sorry for John Terry - if he hadn't stopped Vidic from swinging a few punches after the handbags at dawn with Drogba might have been a different story! Ronaldo - brilliant player but what was that penalty about?? Should have been 3-1 at...
  19. weuphl

    Please challenge the 3rd cornet

    Cloudcatcher Fell - bound to be in your library. 2nd Movement is top 3rd cornet solo with band parts for large part of it..
  20. weuphl

    Speed cameras - making roads safer???

    Sorry Thirteen Ball - I wasn't querying why motorbikes don't have front number plates, rather reflecting on my perception that they probably won't be picked up by these average speed cameras that view you from the front.