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    Who should Represent england at the world championships???

    How should the band be selected? The natural choice would be the national champion however they wuold also get an invite to the europeans... I don't think that so much should ride on just one contest. Perhaps the Masters?? or the open?? where the top placed english band qualified?? What...
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    Slow melody contests

    This is gonna sound like such a daft question but anyway... I am going to enter the intermediate british open solo contest and when its called slow melody is that literal do you have to play a slow movement??? Thanks
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    Faireys CD

    Im looking for a cd... i think its by faireys and i htink its called "double champions" anyway its got devil in the deep blue sea and land of the long white cloud on so if anyone could give me more details like exact name and publisher that would be gr8ly appreciated!
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    National Youth Brass Band Championships Results So Far

    Schools Section (ends 11:30) Adjudicators: Roy Newsome, Geoffrey Whitham Test Piece: Hazelmere Suite, P. Graham (3 movs.) 20 minute program RESULT 1 Wardle Youth Band 2 Egglescliffe School :D:D:D:D:D:D :bounce 3 Abraham Darby Brass 4 Glossop Community college...
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    Fast finger passages

    Just recently ive been getting a tightness in the back of my hand while im playing fast runs and its reli getting on my nerves im constantly building up passages from crotchet 60 trying to get the up and every day i have to go right back to where i begban :( the tightness in the hand is...
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    Euph Duets Accompanied By Piano

    I am doing AS music next year and I have to give an ensemble recital of 20 minutes in length. I am looking for recordings of several pieces but was also hoping that some of the Euph players around hear could suggest some more to me. I have heard Brillante and Childs play but I am lookin...
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    Howard Snell's 'The Trumpet'

    I have been reccomended this book and I was just wondering whether it was as good as I've heard it is? Also I was wondering if anyone knew of books on Brass Mechanics as Paul Robinson from ever ready mentioned them to me at a course with the county band but he left before I could ask him for...
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    Greatest Current Solo Euphonium Player

    I was just wondering what people look for in good principal euphonium players whether its technique or sound. Personally im more bothered about sound... Sure Morgan Griffiths may split a couple of notes but his osund is incredible whereas some players have a good technique but there sound can...