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  1. louise0502


    Following on from an animated discussion with a few mates at college, i thought i'd see what the general opinion of people is on here. So, do you prefer the top or the bottom of a piece of bread (the top being the rounded end, and the bottom being the square end). I prefer the top and my...
  2. louise0502

    To Darth_Tuba

    Where is that quote in your signature from? It's been driving meCRAZY!
  3. louise0502

    Rubik's cube

    Have you completed it?
  4. louise0502

    Crawley Results

    These are the results for the B section: 1 - St Sebastian Wokingham - 78 2 - Sandhurst Silver - 75 3 - Hangleton - 74 Highest unplaced youth/3rd section band - Mayfield Highest Placed Youth Band - Chichester Youth Brass Best Soloist - Soprano - St Sebastian Wokingham Best Trombone...
  5. louise0502

    What is a brass band?

    Does anyone have a good definition of what a brass band is/does? I don't need an essay, just a paragraph for this thing i'm writing. I think i've seen some on some band's websites, but have completely forgotten which bands had one. Thanks p.s. it's not that i don't know what a brass band...
  6. louise0502

    just a thought

    it would be quite useful if there were some way to skip to a certain page. like when there are hundreds of pages and if you want to go straight to page 50 or something, it's impossible (or i've never figured out a way to do it!) If this is possible, it would be greatly appreciated...
  7. louise0502


    I know this one's been done before (I've read it!) but i thought this poll would be interesting.