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  1. Geotuba

    Canadian Band Association (Ontario) Virtual BB Day - everyone worked on my new march - Allensbank

    Here is the output from everyone playing my new march "Allensbank" in their basements while we are unable to get together in the band room in person. Hope you like it. We were fortunate to have Bob, Nick and David Childs, Sheona White-Wade and Tom Hutchinson as virtual conductors and tutors for...
  2. Geotuba

    Looking for score and parts for George Allan's Senator

    Can anyone tell me where I can find a copy of George Allan's "Senator" march? I can't seem to find it anywhere by googling Thanks
  3. Geotuba

    Is there a Wind Band arrangement of Knight Templar?

    After being blown away by the Black Dyke performance of George Allen's "Knight Templar" in this YouTube clip I was wondering if there was a Wind Band/Wind Orchestra arrangement available (since I don't have a Brass Band to play it in!!)