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    Band Wanted within Greater Manchester

    Hi I am after a band to play Tenor Horn in, rehersals need to be either Tuesday, Wednesday or Friday nights. I am preferably after a band that doesnt contest, but have played in all sections on all 3 horn seats. Due to work commintments (self employed) i am not always free. If there...
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    Horn and Sop Free next Friday 13th , Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th July to Dep

    Hi Eb Horn player and Sop player available to dep for a concert next weekend. We are based in Manchester but will travel upto 100 mile We can play in any section at the moment we play in a 2nd section band. Hope to here from someone Thanks Mike
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    Tenor Horn(s) Needed For Tomorrow Afternoon

    Ho Ho Ho!!! I know it is very short notice, but only just found out im going to be on my own tomorrow for a concert. If possible could anyone help out on Horn tomorrow at St Elizabeths church reddish you would be required to play 1st or 2nd horn. One player is good but two would be even...
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    Band wanted Again

    Hi I am after a band in the Tameside area, will travel to Saddleworth and Stockport and Manchester Areas, but not much further due to fuel costs in getting there for rehersals and Jobs. The last band i played in was Tottington (4th Section) on Solo Horn. I have played in numerous bands...
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    Band Wanted Tameside / Stockport Area

    Hi After Whit Friday i am looking to relocate to a band within the Tameside / Stockport Area. Due to work commintments and the large rise in fuel i have had to give my seat up at the band i am currently at. I can only make 1 rehersal a night due to other commitments. Previous Band I...
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    Band required 4th or 3rd section

    Hi I am looking for a 4th / 3rd section band, i have played with higher sections but do not have the time available for any higher sections. I am really looking for any horn position. if there are no bands that require a horn i can play cornet, but would much prefer a horn position. I...
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    Banding Break Imposed

    Hi I thought this would be the best place to air this off to everyone, but its going to be a real pain. After playing with some good quailty 1st sections / Championship section bands. I am going to have to call it a day with banding. Due to an instant medical condition my lungs will not...
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    Band Needed

    Hi i am after a band max 20 mile from Ashton Under Lyne. I would prefer 1st section but would consider lower section if of good standard. I play cornet and would prefer 3rd or 2nd cornet I can also play horn but would be a bit out of practise Please pm me if interested Thanks
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    band oxford/abingdon

    hi im on a course with work from this friday in abingdon, i was wondering if there is any bands close by that wouldnt mind a cornet player to come and have a blow to keep my lip in as i got an big concert on the sunday the date im free on, i would be looking at are next tuesday 26th if...
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    Yesterday i made a journey from dover back to manchester after spending the weekend in france. While drving in france i found it nice and relaxing, the motorways had two lanes and all cars etc stayed in the right lane until they needed to overtake. When returning home i got really...
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    Sold/Expired Items for sale on ebay

    Single Bb Bass tenor horn mouthpiece cornet mouthpiece...
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    This weekend

    Does anybody require the assistance of a cornet player this weekend. i can play in any section will travel upto 100 mile from manchester
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    Sold/Expired Eb Besson Soverign 926 Soprano Cornet for sale

    Hi i have my sop for sale on ebay link below any one intersted pm me or just bid on ebay cheers
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    Band required within 10mile radius of tameside

    We are after a friendly band who has good playing ability and a very good social side. We are looking at either a non contesting band or 4th section I will play either cornet ( front or back ) or any other instrument apart from trombone but would prefer horn. i am currently on sop but i...
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    Sold/Expired Wanted Sop Mutes

    does anybody have any sop mutes for sale im after cup, straight, harmon and practise if anybody has any they would like to sell please can you contact me thanks
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    Half term

    Half term is coming up again in the next few days, who is going away? if you are lucky enough to have to work in a school. im off to the czech republic on friday for 5 days. where is everyone else off to?
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    Timp Solo

    Maybe a strange question but does anybody know of any good timp solo's? i have looked on just music and there are only two and are very pricey hope to hear from someone soon cheers
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    Sop Solos

    I have moved on to playing sop now, just bought a very good sovergein which is very easy to play. I am now after a solo of which is of easy register as i have not mastered the upper notes yet. I can get to a F at the top of the stave comfortably. can anyone recommend anything?? Also how...
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    Holiday Bars

    When on holiday what do you look for in a pub/bar? What kind of music is the most prefered to listen to? What kind of atmosphere do you like?
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    Sold/Expired Wanted and For sale

    I am after a sop and i have a besson soverign 928 silver plated for sale it is about 17years old and in perfect condition it also comes complete with a full set of mutes, cup, tin, straight, harmon, and practise mute. any queries please pm me thanks