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    WoE 2014 Predictions

    Good to see someone trying to take up where Paddy left off,it's going to be a busy weekend at Torquay for sure,the Championship section is looking like it's going to be a fantastic section to listen to
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    Denton Brass seek cornet players

    Cant play the cornet,can play the Bb bass but a bit far to travel so send Jess Tredrea our regards from Camborne in Cornwall,tell her good luck with all shes up too,Ta
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    Sold/Expired Tuba Mouthpieces for sale

    Give you a £1 a piece seeing as you need rid mate lol
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    National finals 2013 test piece rumours.

    Ha ha Simon,im sure it will,youve a great chance of winning the title with Purcell!!
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    National finals 2013 test piece rumours.

    Would so have loved to play Penlee,a great piece of music for a Cornish band,having played it in concert and on our CD recording its a very clever piece,love Purcell also and have won a couple of contests with this. Not sure about A Malvern Suite but im sure we will give it a good go in the finals
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    A Devon Fantasy 4th section area piece

    Well it wouldnt have been my choice and one of our young players said he found it turgid and boring!!! Wow those words came from a bass trom player ha ha but gotta say we did the buisness on the day. Looking forward to Cheltenham. Well done Camborne JCB
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    Paddy's West of England Area - 2013

    Tubby Simon lol??
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    A Devon Fantasy 4th section area piece

    Those points will always be relevant to any piece of music i agree so why bother writing anything ever again,all our librarys are already full and we have an abundance of test pieces which will cover all aspects
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    A Devon Fantasy 4th section area piece

    Sorry boourns,spelt wrong,tried to edit but out of time
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    A Devon Fantasy 4th section area piece

    Of course boorns you are right,maybe thats a flaw in my argument,the 50 year plus is thing maybe relates to a certain style but why are we not moving forward in the band movement??
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    A Devon Fantasy 4th section area piece

    Now bumper euph lol,do the other???? lol,if you read my profile,take time to study what ive put on the site and your comment is do the other lol. This is a forum to muster debate as sid the cornet says you cant please all but i personally like brass bands lol. I simply feel we can do much more...
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    A Devon Fantasy 4th section area piece

    I love it here lol,why do folks love to take an argument to the extreme,dustbin what a load of cobblers lol,wake up folks,whats happening to our movement,someone has already mentioned the victorian lion tamer outfits they go hand in hand with some of the music. Dont get me wrong the argument is...
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    A Devon Fantasy 4th section area piece

    Maybe a style/age thing but music progresses,yes i agree there is plenty of music in A Devon Fantasy,all my daughters play,one daughter is a fantastic solo horn,another the principal cornet and another plays the Eb tuba,all are under 23 years of age.What style and genre of music they listen to...
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    A Devon Fantasy 4th section area piece

    Gotta say had great fun with Lydian Pictures some years ago now and it had far more appeal to the younger players who we need to encourage and keep involved and active
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    A Devon Fantasy 4th section area piece

    Having played in the first section for the last 4 area contests its been a stark contrast to come back down to the fourth section for this years area.I have to agree with a lot of the posts when they mention our younger players.Like all music it has challenges for all players somewhere along the...
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    Paddy's West of England Area - 2012

    Well done to all at Camborne Brass,5 players making there contest debut,our timp player,our bass drum/percussionist and all three 3rd cornet players,a very revamped band and full of little ones from our JCB.s (junior contest band)
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    Easiest Section 4/Youth Band Test Piece

    Gotta say a piece like the Rural Suite by Eric Ball could be a good choice maybe London River as Moomin recommended,played both years ago and should be well suited
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    Is the 1st section still fit for purpose?

    At the present time i play in a fairly succesful 1st section band,we sit at the present time on the verge of promotion to the championship section for the 2nd year running. Our organisation has also a longstanding and again fairly succesful championship section band. Much that i hate to say it...
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    Plusnet Brass Band??

    So who are the Plusnet Brass Band,as featured in the T.V advert?
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    Besson New Standard Eb Tenor Horn thinking of buying

    Well Rapier,as for secondhand instruments which is what we are talking about,Neos are few and far between,and as eflat says a lot more money,but take a look around at a lot of top flight bands and old hat or no the good old Sovereign is still an instument of choice for many a player. So how many...