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    score re-production

    is there a service avaliable where i could send somebody a score and they could re-produce the band parts off it using sibelius? don't know what copyright implications this would have. anybody help?
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    Solos - what do you expect to hear?

    (Edit: Split from "Disappointing cd" thread) I think that this CD is tremendous! The 3 major works - Lorne Barry's Credo is awesome, Ken Downie has excelled himself once again in Christus Victor, and as for Dean Jones' Glorifico Aeternum, I have played a lot of Dean's Triumph Series and...
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    fuoco brass cd

    Haha :wink: Full review -
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    Person shouting abuse @ the bands @ RAH Gala Concert

    Did anyone happen to notice the guy who was shouting abuse @ the bands and soloist @ the gala concert in RAH following the national finals. There was also someone that wolf whistled @ the conductor of the royal marines who was wearing very tight trousers, and voiced their opinions (very...
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    Carl Saunders and Enfield Citadel Band

    Carl Saunders is the guest soloist this year with the Enfield Citadel Band @ their pre-contest festival @ John Smith's Square on Friday Night.
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    Sold/Expired The sound of David Daws - David's new solo CD

    If its as good as 'golden slippers' its gonna be awesome - its got a real gem on it in the way of 'song of exultation' written by the same composer as 'golden slippers'. playlist:  Czardas  Love's Old Sweet Song  In The Quiet Times  Wondrous Day  Lord, With My All I Part ...
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    Tune Association Thread 2

    slavische fantasie
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    Best solo EVER!!!!!!!!!!

    As promised here it is! compiled from the information recieved in the best cornet, euph, horn and sop solos! sorry troms, we dont like u, u tried to steal my golden slippers! :lol: haha get it!!!!! In the interests of fairness i have chosen a variety of solos! cast ur votes now!
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    best Eb HORN solo EVER!!!!!!!!

    Has to be the old rustic bridge!!! Once again published by the SA!! any thoughts?
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    best soprano solo EVER!!!!!!!!

    Welcome to our 5th installment! For some unknown reason there have never been many of hese written but once again i stand by the SA reportoire and it has to be 'high fidelity' a groundbreaking sop solo by bearcroft never heard a sop solo like it!!!! Any thoughts? (next in the series is...
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    best piece of music EVER!!!!!!!!!!

    ah yes, the 4th in the series, however this time i will learn from mistakes and i wont say that SA music wins everytime, because there are some absolute gems in both SA and non-SA libraries! Favourites? Pagannini Variations Resurgam Shine as the light The call of the righteous My...
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    Greatest Euphonium solo EVER!!!!!!!!

    Called me biased for being a member, but once again - no1 writes euphonium solos like salvation army composers: The better world - an absolute gem love to hear thornton play this! song of the brother - classic heard bob childs play this at canton salvation army, fantastic! the great...
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    best cornet player EVER!!!!!!!!

    being a member of the Salvation Army, i tend to be biased, but who can beat David Daws! his sound is incredible, he's got a gorgeous tone, and as for range, stamina and technique, he beats people like roger webster hands down! Mind you, Carl Saunders doesn't come far behind - gorgeous tone...
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    Greatest Cornet Solo EVER!!!!!!!!

    Personally i dont think anyone writes cornet solos like salvation army composers. name 1 non-army solo that beats golden slippers, or 1 that matches the technical demands of joyous song. Golden slippers is the best cornet solo ever! :twisted: