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    health problems

    Hi Bill Just a brief history firstly to explain my situation. I received a Heart Transplant 14 years ago this August due to a illness called Cardiomyopathy, which would lead to Heart Failure in it's later stages. In my case I carried on playing right up until I had my op, I was actually...
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    Who should Represent england at the world championships???

    It seems quite clear that most people who look at banding in britain clearly think that only England have good bands. As mentioned previously what if Cory, Tredegar, Whitburn who were second in last years open or Scottich Coop win teh open or the Nationals. A fair way of looking at it woudl to...
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    Slow Movements

    :wow For me i have to say that Phillip Sparke is king of teh slow movements, everything is so musical, and you can feel the emotion in his work. Having said this my all time fav would be 'The Old Church on Gods Hill' form Vectis Isle. A truly superp piece of music!!!
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    Your first ever contest piece?

    First Test Piece :shock: My First Test Piece was The Dawn of Spring. I was 11 years old and played First Trom for now the deffuncted Llanberis Silver Band at the Connah's Quay contest, this was about 1984 I think. My first test piece my my current band was Lorenzo, a terrific piece of music...
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    Bass trombone

    :P I have to agree with everything i've read. I currently play 2nd trom, but have played the bass trom for a few years previous. When I played in the championship section for the first time on bass trom in the regional the piece was Enigma Variations Phillip Sparke, and the bass trom had teh...
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    Kaleidescope Scoring

    Kaleidoscope :D I woudl just like to add that this piece is one of the best pieces second section bands have has the pleasure of working on for quite a few years, and I would strongly suggest that this is the type of music that we should be playing at all contests. Regarding back row playing, I...
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    Nomination: Best tMP member Band WWW Site

    Band Websites Award 8) Having looked at various sites over the last year I think you would need to go a long way to better the Deiniolen Band Web site:
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    Pontin's Prediction Competition Results

    Pontins Comp Here are my predictions. Champ 1. Carlton Main 0 2. BTM 0 3. Pennine Brass 0 1st 1. BHK (UK) Horden Band 0 2. Pemberton Old 0 3. Wrexham Brass 1 2nd 1. Wire Brass 1 2. Deiniolen 0 3. Skelmersdale 0 3rd 1. Beaumaris B 2 2. Greenalls Brewery 0 3...
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    Area Test Pieces

    Having listened to the Regionals 2004 CD earlier this week I would like to congratulate the Panel on a superb selection, these pieces should keep all bands v happy. I play in a 2nd section band, and I'm really looking forward to starting work on Kaleidoscope, certainly the best piece I've...
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    8) Good Luck to our friends at Wem at Wychavon this weekend from all at Seindorf Deiniolen. Give em Hell!!
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    Celestial Prospect

    We've all heard the hype about Prague not being suitable for the Area, but I would like to congratulate the panel for their choice of Celestial Prospect as the set piece for section two. I play with a second section band and we still have a week to go until our area contest, but we find that we...
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    Conductor / Musical Director Wanted

    The Deiniolen Silver Band are looking for a Conductor / Musical Director. We are looking for an energetic person to help regain our position in the 1st Section. If you think you have the necessary experience please contact us on: or
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    Solo Cornet and Bass players wanted at Deiniolen Silver Band

    We are currently contesting within the second section, but we are looking to make a swift return into the first section. We are a freindly village band with world class rehersal facilities due to lottery funding. If you are a cornet or bass (Eb or Bb) we would be happy to hear from you, but we...