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    Innovative New Test Pieces

    In the written "music" the composers says it can be done with any ensemble or instrument in any combinations. I was depping on this concert with Eikanger and it was a very special experience. :) It was performed at a contemperary music fesitval called Borealis. We also did Paradoxial Leftovers...
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    2012 Norwegian Nationals

    And now all the performances from the Norwegian Nationals are published on iTunes. Search for "NM Brass" and you can buy every section. I.e. From the Elitesection recordings of all the performances are priced at 95 NOK which is around 10,50 GPB for ca 5,5 hours of live BB-performances. Frode
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    Sold/Expired Launch of Wessex Tubas

    Good for you this isnt the worlds wiev on tubaplaying. Yet. ;)
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    Paddy's European Championships - 2011

    Congrats to Manger. :) Frode Sop Eikanger
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    The price of success!!!!

    Thanks. ;) I still think it is strange, in loss of a better word, that the private ownwership of one - 1 - contest is in the way of making a organisastion that could support their members with so many other things. (see Iwan fox-thread). Especially in a time where the number of BB are going...
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    The price of success!!!!

    This thread: The "would your band pay....-thread: IMHO: Interesting. ;) Regards, Frode Sop Eikanger
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    Iwan Fox's call for immediate change today on 4br

    Yes, but the poll has, because of my daft mistake with numbers, the wrong amount as basis for the voters. It should have read "Would your band pay £150 pa and you £ 20 pa to create a budget to run UKBBA?" Maybe the moderators could change the text? And also I believe my last post with £ 50 pr...
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    Iwan Fox's call for immediate change today on 4br

    I've checked some more about NMF. (Long post alarm!) ;) Included member fees, support from sponsors and the cultural dep of Norway the federation has an turnover on about 70 000 000 NOK every year. (That equals £ 7950000 pr today.) If you look at the number of members under 26 years its...
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    Iwan Fox's call for immediate change today on 4br

    My mistake its 150 £ per band, the rest of the numbers are correct. (24 £ per musician and 8 £ for conductors, boardmembers, instructors.) Very sorry for that. The bands pays this to the federation every year.
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    Iwan Fox's call for immediate change today on 4br

    Its the bands who pays out. 1500 £ for the band, 24 £ per musician and 8 £ for conductors, boardmembers, instructors. I guess those memberfees would be lower i England as everything is priced higher over here. I am sure the norwegian band federation would be happy to answer any questions...
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    Iwan Fox's call for immediate change today on 4br

    In Norway.. ...we have The Norwegian Band Federation and bands do benefit from beeing a member. We have had our federation since 1918, they have around 66000 members and just under 1700 bands. And what do they offer? (Just from the top of my head): Noncontest-activities: National Youth...
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    James Watson RIP

    Rest in peace. Frode Sop Eikanger
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    Appointment of Adjudicators

    Roger Webster said this in BrassBandWorld sometime early 2000: "I must say that I am occasionally astonished with the choice of adjucator at major contests, people you would not invite to your bandroom. I think it is important that they are musicians you believe would provide your band with an...
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    The Philosophy of Music

    You may find this interesting in this thread. This is from World Science Festival and the lecture is called "Notes & Neurons: In Search of the Common Chorus" From the page: "Is our response to music hard-wired or culturally determined? Is the reaction to rhythm and melody universal or...
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    Bobby McFerrin demonstrates...

    ...the power of the pentaton scale at the World Science Festival. Check this out: I am not sure if this is the right part of tmp to show this video but you have to see it. Moderators feel free to move. ;) All the best, Frode Sop Eikanger
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    Sop players???

    I have been playing the Courtois for four-five years and am very satisfied. I have earlier played Schilke and have tried the Xeno but must admit I prefer the sound of the Courtois. It is (in my opinion anyway) easier to blend with the Bb-flat-cornets tone on a Courtois and to find a sop that...
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    Sop players???

    Use alternative fingering: 1-3 for D -23 for Eb 12- for E All the best, Frode Sop Eikanger
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    Nobody does it better - trom solo

    Hi Aidan. It was a tribute-arrangement for that occasion. Maybe it will be published in 2010. All the best, Frode
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    2009 European Brass Band Championships (Ostende)

    Jan H. Thanks for the congrats. We really enjoyed Belgium. Although we would love to get one more point on Extreme to get hold of the 2nd place. :o) About Grosso: My answer was to John B. I think your info was right. (And Peter, I think your info about the reading was right to.) :o) Frode...
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    2009 European Brass Band Championships (Ostende)

    Concerto Grosso Was first performed in the Euro by EIkanger when we won the ownchoice-section in 2000 in Birmingham I believe.