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  1. Jack E

    Britain Leading the Way!

    After having dug to a depth of 10 feet last year, Canadian scientists found traces of copper wire dating back 200 years and came to the conclusion that their forebears already had a telephone network more than 150 years ago. Not to be outdone by their neighbours, in the weeks that followed, an...
  2. Jack E

    The Zen of Playing Silence

  3. Jack E

    The Zen of Playing Silence

    Thank you for your suggestion, Dave - I will give it a try and let you know how it goes. Oddly enough, one of my favourite pieces, which I play purely for myself, is 'When Somebody Thinks You're Wonderful', the old Fats Waller number - and the first time one of my tutors heard me play that...
  4. Jack E

    The Zen of Playing Silence

    I'm currently working up to playing an arrangement of 'Always Look on the Bright Side of Life', which includes these two bars: So, I do as I've been taught, and count in quavers, yet getting the start and finish of those two quaver rests right is more awkward than I would have believed...
  5. Jack E

    Playlite spares

    @Wheezygardener - I've been digging around on the 'net, and came across an alternative supplier who might be able to help, even though they don't sell plastic euphs. Norman's of Burton on Trent sell the pTrumpet and pCornet, so I wonder if one of their water keys might do the job? The other...
  6. Jack E

    Playlite spares

    @Wheezygardener - I bought something from Kirstein a few months ago, and if you e-mail them in English, they will reply in English, so no problem there. HTH Jack
  7. Jack E

    Review - Hercules Inst. Stand, DS552B (Tuba, Euph, Bari)

    That's a good idea, Jim - and thank you for the tip. There's a shop in town where they sell walking sticks and those rubber buffers to go on the bottom, so I'll get a couple this weekend. With best regards, Jack E
  8. Jack E

    new band

    I would thoroughly endorse 2nd Tenor's recommendation of Matt Kingston's publishing company, trading as 'Big Shiny Brass'. He has a broad spread of arrangements of all types of music for bands, and the big plus is his arrangements for small ensembles - so even if you can only get together a...
  9. Jack E

    Bass Trombone Stand

    How about this one, Dave? :cool:
  10. Jack E

    Review - Hercules Inst. Stand, DS552B (Tuba, Euph, Bari)

    Having sold some old railway lamps on E-bay, I decided to treat my bari to a proper stand, instead of the heavily padded guitar stand I've been using until now. A couple of months back, I bought a stand advertised as suitable for a baritone from a company in Germany, a Cantabile Classic -...
  11. Jack E

    Public Safety Announcement

  12. Jack E

    England: "Hold me beer . . . "

    All Blacks, 7; England, 19 . . . maybe their team need a new haka choreographer? :cool:
  13. Jack E

    Band Uniforms being offered on Facebook

    Nothing to do with me; being advertised by a poster on Facebook (link below), and I thought it might be of interest to someone here. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "25 reconditioned mess style jackets...
  14. Jack E

    "Band Bashing"

    Having joined more voluntary groups / organisations than I can possibly remember since I joined the Scouts (in 1958!), I'd have thought most of us can get a fair feel pretty quickly as to what a band is like - certainly in the space of a few rehearsals. Granted, I have fallen foul of some very...
  15. Jack E

    Eccleston band old-timer

    That's a VERY impressive record, Richard - and welcome!
  16. Jack E

    BBE Conference Gregson's Observations

    I must admit to being biased on this topic, in that I have ZERO interest in playing in contests (though as I'm nowhere near the standard required to play in 4th Section - and may never be - that is a bit academic!). One point which puts me off contesting is that made by Professor Gregson (in A...
  17. Jack E

    Avante Garde Construction

    Google "Escher" :cool:
  18. Jack E

    Earplugs and playing

    The first time I heard a conductor say that to a band, I couldn't see what he was driving at - but then when I started going to see a varity of bands performing, and comparing the sound achieved by the varying ability of their players, it made perfect sense.
  19. Jack E

    Help with the baritone horn

    "Kindest regards"?? I think your 'Sarc' key is stuck, David.
  20. Jack E

    The Curse of the Prehensile Thumb