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  1. timbloke

    Renegade Brass Band - Radio Rebelde EP

    For any of you who like the likes of Youngblood and the Dirty Dozen Brass Band, I wholly recommend parting with five of your hard earned pounds to purchase the debut EP from this Sheffield based outfit. I've only listened to it twice but am already hooked. It definitely has the British...
  2. timbloke

    Oughtibridge Brass Band Appoints New Musical Director

    Oughtibridge Brass Band would like to announce the immediate appointment of Gavin Somerset as their new musical director. Due to their current MD Alan Coe moving away from the area, the band contacted Gavin and asked if he would be willing to accept the position in time for the busy Christmas...
  3. timbloke

    Criteria Judging

    I read the following with great interest. I'd obviously been asleep for the last few months as it was the first i'd heard of it - probably more because I wasn't that interested in the Open, hence I'd not read any articles or threads on it...
  4. timbloke

    Colours of the rainbow....

    Having recently read a large number of childrens "picture" books to my son, and even watched the occasional Timmy Time etc. I've noticed that whenever there is a rainbow shown (as on Timmy Time this morning) there is only ever SIX colours. I'm sure I was taught the SEVEN colours of ROY G BIV (or...
  5. timbloke

    Brass Band Summit Conference, Birmingham, July 3rd 2010

    Earlier this month a number of banding big-wigs met to discuss the way forward for the banding world. Given that no-one has discussed it yet on here and potentially this could be a big thing... please discuss. More details are at:
  6. timbloke

    Calling all bands in Sheffield

    This is a note for any bands in or around Sheffield, I thought it might be worth bringing the following to your attention and seeing if anyone was planning on going and representing their band or bands generally... As you may be aware, Sheffield failed in its bid to become UK City of Culture...
  7. timbloke

    Sporcle Anyone else got themselves addicted? If you have a few spare hours, then give it a go.
  8. timbloke

    Mario Kart on Wii

    Anyone else on it? :p Anyone agree it is the best game in the world!? :clap:
  9. timbloke

    Harrogate Restaurants

    Anyone got any tips for good places to eat out in Harrogate (preferably avoiding too many bands) - perhaps the "secret little family run italian on a back street that no-one would ever find unless you knew it was there" type place? Or the "pub that serves amazingly good food despite looking a...
  10. timbloke

    Shortage of conductors?

    Don't know what people's thoughts are, but this might make an interesting discussion. Reading on another thread that YBS concert are now looking for a new MD I started thinking about the number of bands of about the same standard and in the same area (1st Section Yorkshire) who are now...
  11. timbloke


    Just had the following sent round by e-mail today... Of all the games that they could offer free tickets, they choose the one where we'd already planned a big drinking session in Sheffield to celebrate Yorkshirepud's birthday :woo. I think I'll have to have a few extra pints to drown my...
  12. timbloke

    Trombone Trios

    I'm looking to purchase a book or two of trombone trios to make sectionals a little more interesting and as a good way of getting whichever section I'm in at the time to play well. I remember my teacher had a fairly good book but don't remember much about it. Anyone got any suggestions -...
  13. timbloke

    Bedford Brass

    Non-contesting Bedford Brass "Breakway" was formed in 1988 by Terry Hext who quite literally broke away from the contesting Bedford Town Band with approx a 10 piece of players. Subsequently they built up a full band and have added the "A" band and Junior band. Hope that helps.
  14. timbloke

    Trombone or anything, S Yorks, Champ

    Just realised I'm not on here!! Name and contact details - Tim Benson, PM me. Instrument(s) played - Tenor Trombone Section of Band you are comfortable to deputise for - Champ/1st Instrument(s) played - Alto Trombone Section of Band you are comfortable to deputise for - N/A...
  15. timbloke


    I've just spent an hour trying to get from one side of Sheffield to the other, 5 miles max, and after trying as many alternative routes as I could to avoid the traffic, I ended up outside my house. So have gone back home for the time being. Anyone else suffering from flooding?
  16. timbloke

    New Year's Honours

    Just been reading on the beeb about the latest round of Honours. I've not read the list of who's getting what, but how often do bandsmen, composers, conductors etc. get listed in the honours, and are more getting recognised today than, say, 20 years ago, are less, or is it the same. I don't know...
  17. timbloke

    Alto Trombone - what music

    Today is my birthday. Joyous times! And as a gift I have been given an Alto Trombone. Mainly because I am playing Schumann 3 (Rhenish) in a couple of weeks, but also because I fancied something a bit different. Anyway, I've been thinking - could I use it in a band concert? Or should I say...
  18. timbloke

    National League Rugby Union

    So someone started a Guiness Premiership thread, what about those of us hovering just below? Anyone else following any of the National League One/Two teams? I'll be keeping a close eye on Bedford Blues as I always do, once again I'll attempt, but probably fail, to get to some of the Yorkshire...
  19. timbloke

    Stannington Band not at Glossop

    Had a phonecall from our secretary last night to say that our concert at Glossop Band Club on Sunday 2nd July had been called off due to poor attendances at recent concerts. Anyone wishing to hear Stannington Band following our success at last Sunday's ICCB Entertainments Contest (see...
  20. timbloke

    There's no place like...!

    Following on the brilliant thread "There's no place like moan!" found here where we have the oppertunity to let off steam about the little things that wind us up; and after seeing a bloke in a bow-tie walking down the road the other day (see below); I thought, maybe we should have a place where...