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    Sold/Expired Double/Triple trumpet gig bag for sale This is a surplus bag that came with one of my instruments but seeing as I already have a triple case it may as well go to a good home. It's a really nice bag, especially...
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    Things with your name that aren't you...

    Is there a product with your name? The other day we came across some 'Dawn' washing up liquid! and some other strange thing on the net called dawny which we've still not identified! First or last names are allowed. Or is there one with both?! Dawn-feeling in a random, citrusy fresh mood :D
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    Flugel hard case...

    Not sure if this is in the right place so mods feel free to move it to where it belongs :) I need a hard case for my new flugel. I've looked around but the only one that i can find that looks suitable is the ProTec. Anyone have any experience of these? Or any other brands to recommend...
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    Happy Birthday lilcornetgirl!!!

    Happy Birthday Donna! :D Enjoy the rest of your day! Lots of love Dawn x x x x
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    Valve felts

    Just a quick question: Would you say that Flugel valve felts are small or medium? Just i'm ordering some and want to check they're the right size lol I'm reckoning small
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    Why does the screen go strange?

    Can anyone tell me why the screen goes a bit jittery when you get a text or phonecall and your mobile is close to the screen? I'm guessing some sort of interference but being non-sciency i'm not sure! :-D
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    Derek Bourgeois

    Can anyone give me the contact details for Derek Bourgeois? i'm studying Blitz as one of my personal study pieces and would like to ask him a few questions about it. Thanks
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    Blitz score

    For my A2 project thing i'm going to look at Blitz. Does anyone know where I could purchase the score? Or are any kind souls willing to sell me one? :wink: Also does anyone know of any pieces (could be written for any musical ensemble e.g. orchestra, quinet etc) that were written in the...
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    Massed Bands concert, Saturday June 26th

    For the first time ever the bands of Bakewell, Matlock and Darley Dale join forces in an attempt to blow the roof off Wirksworth Leisure Centre! It's on Saturday June 26th starting at 7.30pm. Tickets are £5 (£3 concessions) and are available on the door at "Wirksworth Leisure Centre" or in...
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    My orchestra is through to London!!! :D Just wondering if anyone else entered in any of the catagories and if anyone is going to London too!
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    Are Disney films and programs for kids only? I happen to be one of the biggest disney fans and so are a lot of people i know! The films are just fantastic!! And i got loads of Disney stuff for my birthday so i'm all made up!!! :D And my younger relatives don't seem to appreciate how good...
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    Finale 2004 or Sibelius or other?

    I am in year 12 doing Alevel Music and as you may know composing is quite a large part of the sylabus. Our school bought Sibelius 2 notation software a couple of years ago for all A level and GCSE students to use. I find it quite difficult to use but because of this i have tried to stay...
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    Another e-mail virus....

    I received an e-mail from one of my friends today warning of a new virus much like those which are described in other threads. this is an extract from the e-mail. Someone is sending out a very cute screensaver of the Budweiser Frogs. If you download it, you will lose everything! Your...
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    There's only one team in Manchester!!!!!!!

    Just thought i would express my glee that Man City absolutely hammered Man U today 4-1!!! There is only one team in manchester and they are true sky blue!!!!
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    Reducing swelling!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Well as i posted on the 'how are your area rehearsals going?' topic, i think ours are going quite well and everything seemed fine and dandy ready for the big day on Sunday. But now i have the slight problem that i trapped my valve hand in a window and my fingers are all swollen up to the size...
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    Work Experience----- Can anyone help?

    In the last 3 weeks of this years term (July time) y12s are given time to go off and do what they want, be it getting a job, sunbathing all day or whatever. I have however decided that i would like to make use of this time by doing some sort of music-related work experience. I asked my brass...
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    Most Haunted Live- tonight!!!!!!

    Seeing as in the topic 'do you believe in ghosts?' so many people said how they loved most haunted, i just thought i'd let you know that it's on live tonight at 9.00!! Love it? Hate it? What are your thoughts on the program? Do you reckon it's all put on or do believe it's real? What...
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    Pancake day!!!

    Seeing as today is shrove tuesday aka pancake day, what is your favourite topping for pancakes? lemon and sugar? golden syrup? or do you dislike pancakes?? :shock: My favourite is lemon and sugar but can also be tempted by hot cherries or golden syrup. Mmmmmmmmmmm :D
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    Website for Yamaha serial number check needed quickly!!!!

    Is there a website on which i can find out about a yamaha trumpet by typing in its serial no.? Sorry mods if there has already been a post like this but i need it fast!! Thankyou x x x
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    What's your favourite game?

    Was discussing with my mates what is the best game ever? My personal favourite is hungry, hungry hippos! :P Although twister and charades are always good for a laugh! :lol How about you :?: