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    2nd at the open? 'Mon the Scots!

    Stewart Cornellious Brynes, what have you done?????????????????????????? :shock: Were you the single vote for Faireys by the way?? shame to waste your vote on a band that isn't going don't you think?! :dunno good gig stu, see you at band - you owe us all a drink for this :hammer...
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    Well done to all the Pontins winners!

    Walkley what are you talking about?? :shock: Emma Farrow??? sensible??!!! NO WAY!! :D (only kiddin!) Apparently she was fab at pontins, big congrats chick!! :D Ps is rhodesy on this forum????
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    Nybb members?

    hellsonlyangel????? is that a certain 2nd (wo)man down bari player who is committing blasphemy by re-aditioning on euph?! (only kiddin pal!) :lol: ITS YOUR LEADER HERE HELEN!!!!!!!! heehee how ru doing chick? good i hope! give us a wee post sometime when your not too busy! :D...
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    hi nadia!! how are you?? sorry about the incomprehensible text at the open- my phone was sending out really funny messages that night, there must have been a problem with my sim or somethin'...... :lol: Thanks for your vote in the fantasy brass band thingy mate, you flatter me!! :oops...