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    players require band

    Flugel, tenor horn and baritone players are looking for a 2nd/1st section band in the Lancashire area. I look forward to reading your replies thankyou [/i]
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    Who do you think is the greatest brass band composer?

    I think that it is hard to determine a individual greatest brass band composer because they are all good in diffrent ways and because there are so many!e.g Philip Sparke, Peter Graham, George LLoyd,Eric Ball,Herbert Howells, Percy Fletcher,etc but i think my overall favourite would have to be...
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    euphonium players

    Who do you think that the best current euphonium player is at the moment? I think that it is currently between three players! these are in no particular order! David Thornton Black Dyke Morgan Griffiths Faireys Glyn Williams Fodens This is just my opinion let me know wat u think!