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  1. Inspector Gadget

    Borders Contesr 2013

    Hi folks, Andrew Griffiths is definitely conducting Jayess. Looking forward to bumping into some old friends!
  2. Inspector Gadget

    Butlins 2013

    Jayess Newbiggin are there in the 4th section!
  3. Inspector Gadget

    Butlins 2012

    When I have been before, the group leader has gone and gotten all of the keys etc... these were then dished out whilst still at the coach. Good luck for the Contest!
  4. Inspector Gadget

    Area Pieces 2012

    On Kapitols website: 2012 Regional test-pieces announced September 20 2011 They are: Championship Section: Devil and the Deep Blue Sea (Derek Bourgeois) published Studio Music Company Section 1: Mountain Views (Bertrand Moren) Obrasso-Verlag Section 2: Cross Patonce (Goff...
  5. Inspector Gadget

    North East Vacancies

    Hi, Jayess Newbiggin Brass Band are currently looking to recruit committed tenor horn and front row cornet players, to complete our line up for the Butlins Mineworkers Championships in January and the North of England Brass Band Championships in March. The band rehearse twice a week on...
  6. Inspector Gadget

    North East 3rd Section Vacancies

    Jayess Newbiggin Brass Band requires committed Cornet, Horn, Trombone and Percussion players. The band will be competing in the North of England Regional Championships in March in the 3rd Section with our new Musical Director, and require the above players to complete our contesting line up...
  7. Inspector Gadget

    MD Vacancy Jayess Newbiggin Brass Band (North East)

    Jayess Newbiggin Brass Band invites applications for the post of Musical Director. Formed in September 2009, our committed members are sociable, hard-working, and enthusiastic, and we have been nationally graded in the 3rd Section. The successful candidate must be friendly, enthusiastic...
  8. Inspector Gadget

    Jayess Vacancies

    The recently formed Jayess Newbiggin Brass Band, from Newbiggin-by-the-Sea in Northumberland is currently looking for a few more players to compliment our current team. Newbiggin-by-the-Sea is no stranger to the brass band world, being the birthplace and musical beginning of our President...
  9. Inspector Gadget

    Your first ever contest piece?

    Snowdon Fantasy with Newbiggin Welfare Band at CISWO finals in Blackpool, late 80's conducted by George Rowell
  10. Inspector Gadget

    Butlins 2009

    I've just had a quick squizz on Butlins website, and it says that Grimethorpe are there! Does anyone know if they are competing then??? Will be brill if they are, gives 1 more reason to stay on the sunday for the entertainment.
  11. Inspector Gadget

    'Official' Brass In Concert thread

    Brass in Concert has it's own website:
  12. Inspector Gadget

    National Eisteddfod 30/31 July

    Well in my opinion, I watched the whole of the top section on video last night, and I have to say I felt Beaumaris were in a class of their own. Can anyone tell me what their programme was, I thought their opener was brilliant, and the piece they played before sospan fach was ace too. A...
  13. Inspector Gadget


    hi Carl, my e-mail address is now added to the above post. I have set aside the m'piece for you.
  14. Inspector Gadget


    Hi People. I have a number of Brand New Mouthpieces that I am selling off, and I thought I would give you all the first bite of the cherry. All prices are INCLUSIVE OF POSTAGE. Here Goes: CORNET MOUTHPIECES Marcinkiwicz Cornet M'Piece, Size 14S, Silver - £25 Conn Cornet M'Piece...
  15. Inspector Gadget

    Mute stands

    Hi Bob, There are a couple of Triple mute holders for cornet/trumpet on ebay at the moment, they look pretty cool. Here is the link.
  16. Inspector Gadget

    Challenging new euphonium duet !

    I have to say, in my opinion it looks and sound more like a piano concerto!!!!!!! The piano player is gonna be worked hard. The only duet playing is in the last movement so I wouldnt really class it as a duet. I'm not a euph player, but I think it is awful. Sorry!
  17. Inspector Gadget

    Brass Band Brie

    I can't believe no one has mentioned A Swingin' Safari. That has to be the worst of the worst.
  18. Inspector Gadget

    Your first ever contest piece?

    Mine was Snowdon Fantasy, at the Mineworkers Championships in Blackpool. Can't remember the year, I think it was 1988/89.
  19. Inspector Gadget


    Got to be Philip Wilby for me.
  20. Inspector Gadget

    Challenging Test Piece for good 3rd Section Band wanted.

    A piece that is a great one to play and is a good test for 2nd section bands is Capriccio by Kenneth Downie. Played it in the 2nd section finals in 1998 at Harrogate and came 3rd. Is a great piece. It will certainly give most bands a stretching!