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  1. rutty

    Flugel/cornet needed 22nd June in Beeston/Nottingham

    Due to holiday commitments I cannot make an afternoon concert at Roundhill School in Beeston, Nottingham tomorrow 22nd June. Are there any flugel/cornet players available that could help out please? Happy to return the favour. The band should start playing around 1ish Cheers :) Dave
  2. rutty

    New MD for Carlton Brass

    Carlton Brass are excited and honoured to announce the appointment of Stan Lippeatt as musical director of the band. Stan was the flugal player with Grimethorpe Colliery band for many years and began his conducting career with their junior band. He then conducted Thoresby Colliery Band for 17...
  3. rutty

    Carlton Brass, Midlands 1st Section, seek new MD

    Carlton brass, (an ambitious yet friendly Midlands Area first section brass band) seek full time Musical Director. Rehearsing twice a week, the band have a busy Autumn programme of Concerts and Contests and are looking for someone with the Talent and Ambition to take the band forward...
  4. rutty

    Carlton Brass: Barnby Gate Methodist Church, Newark 19th June 2009

    Carlton Brass will be hosting a concert on the 19th June at the Barnby Gate Methodist Church, Barnby Gate in Newark. The concert starts at 7:30 and there will be a raffle and refreshments available in the interval. Tickets are priced at only £5 and will be available on the door...
  5. rutty

    New website for Carlton Brass

    Carlton Brass have a new website. The design has been emerging, slowly over the past year and is now nearly complete. The new site can be seen over at: Please note that due to some problems with the previous web hosting provider that the old domain ( is...
  6. rutty

    Alan Ritchie

    It is with immense sadness that Carlton Brass announce the death of Alan Ritchie. Alan passed away in a tragic boating accident on Wednesday 30th July leaving us all in a state of shock. Our thoughts are with his parents, Walter and Marie, and his family and friends at this most difficult of...
  7. rutty

    Site Advisor - increase your internet security This looks like an excellent extra tool in the fight to prevent scammers and spyware. It works on both IE and Firefox and shows when you appear at a site of dubious intent by changing the colour on a small window. It's owned by MacAfee so it's as safe to use as...
  8. rutty

    I want one of these
  9. rutty

    Internet Explorer exploit - phishing-related

    Secunia have released a test to see if your internet browser is vulnerable to an exploit that can spoof the address in your address bar: What happens, is that they're using some code that initially opens the page...
  10. rutty

    Anyone using the service? It's an excellent way of sharing your playlists, displaying them on forums or finding music that you like. You can join groups with people of similar interest and there's a radio that can stream a number of stations, or even...
  11. rutty

    Håkan Hardenberger

    I'm off to see the incredibly talented Håkan Hardenberger at Birmingham Symphony Hall on 6th April. It's a trumpet/organ duo concert with Simon Preston. I've never heard of the Organ guy, but Håkan Hardenberger has to be one of the most amazing trumpet players around at the moment. Anyone...
  12. rutty

    Images of the Millenium

    I'm sure that many Second Section bands were astounded at the announcement of the test pieces for the 2006 regional contest. The 2005 test piece, Vaughn Williams' Variations for Brass, was considered to be a real test for that section and then they announce what appears to be an even harder...
  13. rutty

    What is blogging?

    I have a blog and I like blogging. I read other people's blogs. I'm a blogger, they're bloggers. Lots of people blog. However I still meet people that have no idea what a blog is. Some people seem to have the misconception that it's some sort of sexual deviancy. This is not true. What is...
  14. rutty

    Midlands Area - burger van retrospective.

    Anyone that has played at the Midlands Regional Contest will have fond memories of the burger van in the Town Hall car park. This is the only catering available at the event, although there are a few public houses nearby, and it gets a lot of use from hungry bandspeople. It's a permanent...
  15. rutty


    I only have 4,518 messages to read since the last time I logged on (just before Christmas). You guys are obviously slacking :p
  16. rutty

    World Cup Draw - LIVE! Fingers crossed that England get a good draw :cool:
  17. rutty

    Brass Cast

    Anyone aware of the Brass Band podcasting going on over at ? Looks interesting and supposedly licenced too. :cool:
  18. rutty

    Preparations for parenthood

    Apologies if this has already been posted: Preparation for parenthood is not just a matter of reading books and decorating the nursery. Here are 12 simple tests for expectant parents to take to prepare themselves for the real life experience of being a mother or father. 1. Women: To...
  19. rutty

    Can you see it?

    Text-only stereogram: Can you see the apple?
  20. rutty

    Impressive "magic" trick

    Rather clever this: