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  1. John Brooks

    How has banding changed and what have you experienced during your lifetime?

    It's been said that we need new and interesting topics and I'm hopeful that this might fit both parameters. I grew up in Kensington, west London and was taken to the local Salvation Army at Notting Hill my my elder brother when I was five. It was there that I first learned to play the cornet...
  2. John Brooks

    Post COVID-19 document from the West Point Band

    I just read this and thought it might be of interest to others. Here's the link: Army Band COVID-19 Risk Mitigation for Large Groups
  3. John Brooks

    CD's versus Downloads during Pandemic

    I've been wondering about the future direction of recordings, particularly of bands which has always been a niche market. I've started to use download options over the past year or two, even though I am old school and prefer to hold a "product" in my hands. Now that we are well into the...
  4. John Brooks

    S.A. Regal Zonophone 78rpm - Stunning Restorations

    I recently purchased from HR Connect in Belgium the first in a planned series of S.A. Regal Zonophone 78rpm restorations using state of the art technology. The first release is all ISB. I am now 74 years of age and, when I was a little boy, growing up in London I listened to these recordings...
  5. John Brooks

    Conductors Showcase

    I've been listening to this recording by Sun Life Stanshawe and wonder if anyone can identify the trombone soloist in Bone Idyll? I think it might be Stephen (?) Walkely.
  6. John Brooks

    Enigma Variations - Polyphonic Recordings

    Over the years I have acquired various versions of a series recorded by Fodens and Desford on Polyphonic. There appears to be confusion on which of the two bands actually recorded Enigma Variations. I have one version (EHS 001D) that identifies Desford for Var.1 - XIII with Var. XIV being...
  7. John Brooks

    Liverpool stuns Barcelona 4-0

    As a die hard and life long Manchester United fan let me congratulate all Liverpool fans on tMP on the stunning result this afternoon. It was an amazing match to watch from a neutral perspective. Best wishes in the final.
  8. John Brooks

    British Open 2018

    Having just returned home following my first experience at the Open (I've been to the Nationals countless times) I wanted to ask some questions. First though, I want to say how much I enjoyed the day. I heard all 19 performances and, although it was apparent that several would not be in the...
  9. John Brooks

    Two Bone Concerto - Johan de Meij

    Yesterday, I attended a concert by Hannaford Street Silver Band in Toronto during which the first North American performance of Two Bone Concerto by Johan de Meij was performed by Joe Alessi and Alain Trudel. The concert also included two poignant interludes, one in memory of the legendary...
  10. John Brooks

    Fanfare for Europe

    I'm wondering if Edward Gregson's "Fanfare for Europe", written in 1973 to celebrate the UK entering the EEC will be played backwards to celebrate Brexit!
  11. John Brooks

    CD's versus Download

    I received an email a few days ago from someone involved in audio and he made the comment that CD's are gone! Maybe not quite but it appears that we're quickly heading in that direction. I purchased and downloaded two recordings yesterday from iTunes that are not going to be made available in...
  12. John Brooks

    Band Recordings

    I just read a very interesting article on the Canadian Staff Band website that I'm sure will interest others on tMP. It's a feature on Ted Marshall and can be found here: Home I would just like to add my personal thanks to Ted for his skills over the years. He's a wonderful man and I count it...
  13. John Brooks

    mp3 question

    I have some mp3 files that have multiple items in a single track. Is there any way to separate the individual selections (in "mp3 for dummies" terminology)? Thanks in advance.
  14. John Brooks

    The future of band CD's

    I purchased several recordings over the past couple of years by download rather than buying the CD and incurring shipping costs. For various reasons I was not entirely satisfied and, with the ongoing WoB sale, have been systematically buying the CD's. Which brings me to the question - What is...
  15. John Brooks

    Ove Ericson CD

    I've just finished listening to the recent CD compilation of Ove Ericson cornet solo's. First I want to congratulate the group who put this project together. This is a wonderful illustration of this superb cornet player's tone, technique and artistry over many, many years and is a fitting...
  16. John Brooks

    Master Brass CD's

    I've lost three of my Master Brass CD's - Vol. 2, 3, and 5 and can't find them for sale or download on the Internet (using Google). Does anyone know anywhere else I might look?
  17. John Brooks

    Black Dyke Mills Band transition to Black Dyke Band

    I believe this change occurred sometime in 1994 but can't find anything definitive on the Internet. I'm a little surprised that the Dyke website doesn't make any reference to that change, especially since it also marked the end of the "John Foster & Son" association. Does anyone know when the...
  18. John Brooks

    British Film Institute

    I read on 4BarsRest about two movies of Brighouse & Black Dyke being released by the British Film Institute. Unfortunately, when I click on the links I'm advised that the movies can only be viewed in the UK. That doesn't make much sense to me, does anyone know why that might be? Also, is...
  19. John Brooks

    Derick Kane

    I read a few weeks ago that Derick had been unable to make the trip to Australia with the ISB but haven't heard anything further. A few minutes ago I saw a picture posted on the ISB Twitter account of an ensemble of ISB members playing at the annual carol even at Parliament and was delighted to...
  20. John Brooks

    Black Dyke Mills Band - 1970 - High Peak

    Hi everyone, I was just trying to listen to the 1992 compilation "The Golden Sound of Black Dyke Mills Band - Volume 1 - High Peak put out by R. Smith on their RSR Label. Unfortunately, the last track has become unplayable for some reason. I've tried to find a copy on iTunes without success...