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    Must say it's lower front incisors that are the issue.
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    George Doughty

    Thank you SO much foright finding that. I had the pleasure of meeting him a couple of times; including a solo contest where I played Grandfather's Clock and he came out of the audience to talk to me; and once he joined Sir Harry Mortimer and I in conversation at a band contest somewhere (i'm...
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    As I get older I have gum recession (due to smoking ... that shows my stupidity in the 70s. And my hope that no youngsters get the addiction). Now i'm.facing how to keep playing. Do bridges keep you playing? Anyone tried implants into receeded bone? WHAT DO BRASS PLAYING DENTISTS ADVISE FOR...
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    Roll call .... has your band survived?

    I agree that it would be dreadful to have players becoming ill after all our safety care. Heard about too many band folk and their family deaths. Fun HAS been had with small groups though; tha cannae hide when theere's only 4 of thi. Lol
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    George Doughty

    Hi folks Does anyone have any autobiographical info on George Doughty of Grandfather's Clock fame? Thanks
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    Roll call .... has your band survived?

    HI folks. Hope everyone is ok and your band has survived.
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    Brother suffering from jaw pain

    Also is it tooth related, in which case non-pressure exercises would help. Gentle moving of the jaw in all ranges before and after playing is wise anyway as the hinge can 'stick' as it were. Hope all is resolved. Let us know
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    Update on my Baritone Mouthpiece

    I bet they are. But not showing my age or Yorkshire 'Canniness' any more than I have to. ;)
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    Floppy Lip

    I'm afraid I've always cheated and play hymns at every dynamic and every octave I can manage (on euph we have several we must master for modern composers). Then again I also do an exercise I devised where every quaver is a different dynamic. Works the diaphragm too (whimper)
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    Update on my Baritone Mouthpiece

    Don't mention mouthpiece prices. I nearly died at the LBBA trade stands when I looked. But I bought my 2AL in 1976. Lol
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    Floppy Lip

    Grand to hear of a return. Yep, like any muscles your lip will hate you every time you improve. You wouldn't't worry about your abs screaming after a good workout, your lip will do the same. It will be worth it. Have FUN
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    Update on my Baritone Mouthpiece

    Not a pouty-ducky lip, but typical red-head size. I was given OAL by one of my leiblings for helping his band and I'd commented that at my age I needed to work the muscles more to keep my range. So that tends to be my range work. 2al is my standard concert one.... Yep, had to work harder to get...
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    Midlands euph

    During the spring/summer I'll be more available for concert/contest depping again this year (fingers crossed) Euph player (will put in bari in emergency). Current band just moved down to 1st section. Ok to play Champ/1st (with rehearsal in case it's unknown dots). Lower sections should be...
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    Musescore is smashing to learn on. I started on Capella back in the 90s and occasionally revert to it... I love Cornelius but can find it makes me lazy. ALL of them save my arthritic hand from cramping & seizing, leaving more facility for valve work. Lol All the best in arranging, have fun, and...
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    Back after a long break

    Glad you're back banding
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    Update on my Baritone Mouthpiece

    I'm always interested in this type of discussion, especially for 40 years as I play 4 down to 0AL wick on euph depending on how many hours I need to play for, the type of programme.... and have fuller lips. Thanks for keeping threads going
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    Attention all tMP'ers who see this new area...

    Just musing (blame the strange effects of antibiotics. Lol).. with folks changing over the years as humans do, perhaps we could/should 're-introduce' ourselves every decade or so ... just to remind ourselves of ourselves and congratulate ourselves for still enjoying our passion for so long...
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    Classic fm & brass bands

    Hiya. I responded to the latest call to rattle the radio station's doors and get them to play more/some brass band tracks. Has anyone heard any update on this matter?
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    Eb Bass & Horn: Leicestershire. Sunday 7th

    Due to a car 'dying', Oddfellows Brass urgently need Eb Bass and Eb Horn for Sunday 7th Sept. VENUE: Barwell, Leics. LE9 8PR TIME: 2pm-3.15 Contact. Chris Banks on 07740 357394 Thank you