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  1. catto09

    Brass & Bagpipes

    Does anyone have any specific advice for playing with Bagpipes? I'm aware pipes can be very sharp. Has anyone come up with a genius way to get the band and pipes to play relatively tunefully together? Thanks!
  2. catto09

    Granite City Brass

    Granite City Brass - North of Scotland's longest established brass band, and a leading band in the North of Scotland require players in a couple of sections to boost our strong and rapidly improving Brass Band, incl.; Cornets Baritones We are a very friendly band with links to the University...
  3. catto09

    Pulling in Professional players from other countries to help win an area contest

    This afternoon, in the scottish championships, a certain band brought in a professional player from another country to help win a contest. Inevitably the said player won the best award for the instrument. My question is whether this is morally correct. Surely if you're winning an award for an...
  4. catto09

    Aberdeen City Music Service

    (don't know if this is the right place for this...) Taken from front page of the petition: On the 3rd of December 2010, Aberdeen City Council will meet to discuss proposals which will see music tuition in Aberdeen either privatised or terminated. Both options would be hugely damaging to...
  5. catto09

    Granite City Brass Community Band - Conductor

    There is a vacancy within Granite City Brass Community Band in Aberdeen for a Conductor. Any Applications should be done through this form For any other information, please contact Lorraine Bloice Tel: 07738 732375 |...
  6. catto09

    New Signature David Childs Mouthpiece

    I recently was informed of a new mouthpiece being developed under the Alliance brand by David Childs. Has anyone heard anything about this?
  7. catto09

    Quartet Advice

    Hi All - Realising that Quartets are usually 2x Cornet, Euph, Horn - with Euph acting as the Bass - i'm wondering if anyone can offer any advice to the current set up we have which we could use to better ourselves. within the Quartet, we have a Cornet, Bari, Euph, and EEb Tuba. Rather than...
  8. catto09

    New Granite City Brass Website

    Granite City Brass would like to announce the launch of their newly "improved" website
  9. catto09

    Sainsbury's Advert

    I was watching the tv tonight, in which the sainsbury's try team are featured, at a bandstand - there's a brass band marching on in the distance. Any idea who this brass band are??
  10. catto09

    Wiederkehr Euphonium solo

    Hi there, i'm currently looking for a recording of a euphonium player playing the Air Varie Wiederkehr. I can't seem to find it anywhere...any help would be greatfully recieved
  11. catto09

    Strange Instrument Request

    Hello - i am currently looking for a Boosey & Hawkes 967 Euphonium (the old globe stamp euphs), however, i would like one that is in relatively bad condition. The plan is to completely customise one of these euphoniums. I have done all the research, and as long as i can get one between £1,000...
  12. catto09

    Tenor Horn Pricing

    Hey, i was wondering if anyone could estimate a price for three Courtois 180R Tenor horns. They're rarely used and all are in good working condition. What would be a rough price for these instruments?
  13. catto09

    Besson Prestige Baritone Horn

    I noticed today that the much waited (matter of opinion) Prestige Baritone has now been released. A picture has been posted on Normans (here), and it has come to my attention that it is lacking a trigger...isn't this the point of the Prestige Range? Aside from that point. I noticed that this is...
  14. catto09

    Alice, where art thou? - Open all hours Theme

    Does anyone know where i can find the music for this particular piece? Written by Max Harris. Any help would be greatfully recieved :)
  15. catto09

    Granite City Brass vacancies.

    Northern Counties Champions 2007 Brass Band Recruiting new players See latest posts for current vacancies Granite City Brass are currently looking for players to sit on the following seats 2nd Baritone 1st, 2nd, 3rd Percussion 2nd, 3rd Cornets Repiano Cornet Soprano Cornet We are a 2nd...
  16. catto09

    Death of Stewart Gilmore

    It is with great sorrow and regret that Granite City Brass announce the death of Stewart Gilmour on the 26th June 2008 after a very short and courageous battle with cancer. Stewart was a dedicated bandsman and talented musician who played the Flugel Horn with great distinction in the band and...
  17. catto09

    An evening of Entertaining Music - Granite City Brass - Friday 6th June 2008

    Granite City Brass & Granite City Community Band Present An Evening of Entertaining Music Friday 6th June 2008 St. Columba's Church of Scotland Braehead Way, Bridge Of Don Aberdeen 7:30pm Ticket Price: Adults = £3 Concessions = £2
  18. catto09


    Hello. Thought i'd introduce myself. I'm a euphonium player from the Grampian region in Scotland. Play Euphonium for Granite City Community band. Have played for 7 years. Currently playing on a Besson 700, getting a Sovereign later this week :)